In this post I’ll be addressing WordPress banner management plugin options as monetizing your blog via paid sponsor ads or via affiliate banners is one of the major income streams for many bloggers. Even though I have previously wrote couple posts about the subject in question – new options were made available that allow you better choice for WordPress banner plugin.

I want to take a closer look at 2 different plugins you can use on your WordPress blog that in my personal opinion address all the major needs and provide the simplicity combined with functionality most bloggers will need.

While it depends on your needs – these plugins take a slightly duifferent approach but provide the value and opportunityies. First a more minimalistic approcach that deals ONLY with 125×125 ads on your sidebar

WP125: Easy 125×125 Banner Management For WordPress

Simply click the title to get to the author’s blog for more details on this plugin or download it if you like. What I personally like about this plugin is that it provides you with all the options you need to monetize that Banner Ads Space on your sidebar.

Nothing more, nothing less – its beauty is in simplicity while still providing all the options you might need, such as click tracking, banner rotation, etc. A really versatile plugin that does one thing but does it well and if that is all you need – well worth the look!

Get The WP125 banner plugin here

Max Banner Ads For WordPress

Released as “reviewware” this plugin is created by the same developer who brought us great many other commercial and semi-free plugins that allow blog monetization – Pawan Agrawal. If you are looking for an ALL-AROUND banner management option for your WordPress blog this one would be a great option to consider, just don’t forget to write a review as license states!

It comes with great many options to allow you place your banner in just about any location you can imagine and attempts to overcome the “ad blindness” by rotating your banners within a specific zone. It also permits you to test which banners perform more effectively and leave those that are the “bread earners”.

Pawan did a great job with this plugin and I have no intentions to duplicate the description he already provided plus an excellent video that does a nice overview of WHY you need to consider the Max Banner Ads Plugin.

Armed with 2 banner management plugins outlined above I think you can have all the options you might possibly need to designate location on your blog for sponsored ads, affiliate marketing or any other means of monetization you decide to deploy via banners!

I personally think that Max Banner Ads is the better option for all around solution and provides you with all the options you might need but it is your blog, so consider what you need and if sidebar ads are all you need – there is no reason to install the bigger plugin.