Turn One-Time Visitors Into Active Subscribers with AWeber Email Marketing
If you are blogging to make money by providing quality content and serve your niche (and no, it doesn’t have to be just the “make money blogging” niche) you are loosing HUGE portion of possible income by not utilizing blog broadcast!

Blog broadcast is one of the simplest forms of email marketing available to you to give a huge boost to your bottom line and yet, it is one most often overlooked. I know it is not that easy to part with an additional $19.99 per month that quality autoresponder will cost you but if you put any type of effort into doing it right – these money will return to you within first couple month and will begin not only pay for itself but make you more profitable blogger!

So here is how we will do it…

What Is Blog Broadcast?

But before we begin describing how we implement blog broadcast lets define what it is!

Blog broadcast is a simple service that takes excerpts from your blog’s RSS feed and emails them to your subscribers in form of eZine on a schedule that you define!

Nothing more but nothing else as this service is been in use on my own blog you are reading right now since aweber have introduced that option and HUGELY responcible for building a responsive audience and help me automate the process.

Immediate benefits of blog broadcast:

  • Easy to implement – entire process works by pulling RSS feed and importing it into one of the templates that aweber provides for you. They have a wealth of HTML templates as well as text only but I recommend HTML as my readers love it!
  • Can be fully automated – you have an option to set your eZine on auto mailing on predefined day or when your content reaches certain number of posts. You can even email it daily if you chose so, although I don’t recommend annoying your readers. For majority of the blogs once a week should be sufficient!
  • Can include promotion – as any eZine, especailly if you use HTML format, you can easily add external promotion for additional income. As long as you don’t push crap on people to make a buck but offer quality, relevant products – you get sales, guaranteed!
  • Build your authority status on autopilot – this one is HUGE. Majority of email marketing fails because people get on email list and get bombarded with nothing but one promotion after another and unsubscribe! By providing a timely and consistent quality content on topic to your subscribers you deliver VALUE and also prove the right to speak on the subject. You build your authority!
  • Additional email marketing options – because you are building a community interested in what you have to say on your designated topic using a regular autoresponder – you now have options to do additional marketing. Once again, as long as offer on topic and relevant and you have already established a level of trust with your readers – you offers will be generally well received and will tremendously boost your profits!

As many say – “money is in the list” – blog broadcast is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to build it!

Autoresponder That Supports Blog Broadcast

All of the above only applies if you have access to a quality service that provides you with Blog Broadcast options! While I know that GetResponse have recently introduced it to their custoemrs – I only use aweber and use it since its inception so I can tell you that their quality on that aspect is superb!

Not only do you get supreme deliver ability and reliability, which is important for my online business but also a huge selection of HTML eZine templates you can use to create instant professional looking eZine!

Go with aweber and you can’t miss!

Create a List and Collect Leads

I’m not going to go into details on this one as aweber provides you with great tutorials on how to get it done but I can tell you that their options on collecting leads – subscribers, gives you with everything you need!

In fact I’m sure you have noticed that on this blog I provide at least 2 options to subscribe – one is always in top right of my blog (subscription form) and one form is an overlay ad that comes up after a person showed interest in my content and read it for 15 seconds! yes, timing is important and something I have tested to provide maximum results.

Best part – you can create same type of forms by suing a simple step-by-step Wizard interface, provided as part of service.

Once you have a list that people can subscribe to and you started collecting emails and names of the people interested to receive your content – you have to provide what you promised!

Blog Broadcast Implementation

Aweber has a dedicated option for creating blog broadcast – see image below:


And in that picture I show you an already existing blog broadcast for the blog you are currently reading. As you can see it is scheduled to be delivered every Thursday at 9 AM but I don’t email it automatically, as I like to tweak things before I send it.

And creating actual blog broadcast is extremely simple:

  1. Provide a valid RSS feed
  2. Choose HTML template

Modify it all to your liking, while keeping the tags provided by aweber intact to ensure that automation works properly


Once you complete the Blog Broadcast look configuration – you need to set schedule and delivery options:


While you are provided with multiple options I like to do delivery once a week, on same day and at around same time but I don’t do it automatically – I actually like to change the promotions within the eZine and also tweak subjects and a few minor things before I send it to my community of subscribers.

An ALMOST automated blog broadcast!

Test Drive Aweber

I fully understand if you your share of doubts. Once again quality service cost money but I avoiding that cost actually costs you more in the long run! You are loosing money right now by not implementing this simple strategy that will surely boost you blog income!

Give aweber a “test drive” and see if it fits your needs but take massive action to ensure that you see results!

“The Money Is In The List

AWeber proves it to thousands of businesses every day.

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