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Guest post by Corry Cummings

Content is the undisputed king of the Internet. Nothing drives traffic to a web site and increases profits like a well written piece of content. However, it’s not all good news. Content is difficult to write. Even if you have a great deal of experience as a writer, not having experience as an Internet writer can make even the best technically written content relatively worthless. You spend a lot of time creating content that is valuable to your readers. Now it’s time for them to start giving back. You need to learn how to turn your content into an income stream. This assumes that you are providing an article that is valuable to your readers and well written but are not seeing profits.

The King’s Crown – Search Engine Optimization

If you plan on doing any article writing on the Internet and are not familiar with search engine optimization, you need to learn it’s basics as quickly as possible. Even if you are not writing to pay the bills, ignoring search engine optimization is like publishing a book to be distributed on the moon. No one will be able to find your content and your efforts will be in vain. Provided here are some tips to optimize any piece of content:

Write each article based on a keyword phrase (finding good dog collars, where to find Asian food in Seattle, etc.) Make sure that your phrase appears as close to the beginning and end as possible and in most paragraphs in your article. Good keyword density is around 2% (keyword phrase word count compared to total word count).

Don’t get too fancy. One little known consideration in search engine optimization is the text to code ratio. Most writing for the Internet uses html codes to determine how the content will look when it appears online. For example “<p>” will be used to mark the beginning of a paragraph. However, if an article begins to use too many special alterations like bold, italics or color, the html code can start to overwhelm the actual text from a search engine point of view. Try to keep your html codes simple.

SEO Beyond Your Content

Search engine optimization often goes far beyond the actual piece of content. In order to be sure that your content has the potential to become an income stream, you need to be sure that you actively promote it through back links. Although not the only method, back links are arguably one of the most valuable techniques when compared to the ease of their creation and relative cost. You can promote your content by finding related web sites or blogs and asking if they would either be open to exchanging links or accepting a free guest post in exchange for a link to your content or web site.

With a few exceptions, turning content into profit is not an easy task. You will need a great deal of patience. It would be nice if, once you were done drafting the actual content, your job was done. However, never lose hope. You know that your service or information is valuable. With hard work, so will your readers. Learning how to turn your content into an income stream is an ongoing process. But fear not, your hard work will likely pay off in the end earning you the holy grail phrase of Internet marketing – passive income.

Corry Cummings is the owner of Content Customs, a content creation company that specializes in high quality web content writing services. He also runs a blog over at Content Customs, which is managed and written by one of the head writers of the company.