Blog is an awesome tool when it comes to quickly express your opinion, share your knowledge, exchange ideas and receive feedback but as many have learned – a superb tool for generating passive income!

Biggest problem I have seen on many non-IM (Internet Marketing) blogs is that bloggers settle for “chump” change from AdSense, multiple affiliate products etc. While there is nothing wrong with integrating multiple income streams into your blog (I do it as well) – if this is the only way you try to generate your income, you are missing out.

In fact – NOTHING can beat the profit potential of your own product. Instead of getting a percentage of sales price – you get the full amount. And here is the secret (well, not really) to creating your very own product without putting too much effort into it – Private Label Rights.

PLR has been abused by multiple people simply giving them away or reselling AS IS for pennies, in many cases without even looking at the real potential those product have to offer. In fact I used to do the same until I tried a different approach …

Turn PLR Product Into Brand New Product and Sell It At Much Higher Price!

In fact this very technique generated the idea behind my “Web 2.0 Wealth System”! In March of 2007 I have completely repackaged PLR product I had “Build Blogs Fast” and released it as a new product “Auto Blog Building System”. Results were staggering! First weekend generated over $2300 via PayPal and twice as much via upsell One Time Offer! It took me only about 4 hours to re-package a PLR product I had to generate this income. But that product had some minuses and I removed it from market and began to work on my “Web 2.0 Wealth System” in which I took the concept and greatly expanded on it and added new strategies to take its power way beyond what was originally intended.

Why am I telling you this?

Because you have a unique opportunity to grab over 40 PLR products of the highest quality, not the junk that shows up on multiple giveaways for a steal! Edmund Loh is known for very high quality of his PLR releases and here is your opportunity to grab it. Please be aware that he always sells limited quantities so you have to make up your mind fast.

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And here is a bonus report you can use to learn how to personalize the PLR products and turn them into your very own profit stream. Remember – while you can re-sell PLR …

Key To Success Is Personalization!

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