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Publish Blog To Kindle For Extra Income And Recognition

In today’s post I want to discuss a very simple and logical step for any regularly updated blog – publish blog to Kindle and get the extra income and recognition you deserve. Kindle marketplace experiencing tremendous growth and people constantly search for relevant content and information they can access with their devices, which makes it only logical to offer quality content you create to this market.

Best part of all – it doesn’t cost you anything! See my blog as an example:

publish blog to kindle

But it does have a potential to generate you recurring income on a complete autopilot, once you complete the steps outlined in this guide.

How To Publish Your Blog To Kindle

Process is actually an extremely simple but it does require that you have a valid Amazon account or create one.

Step 1 – Signup for Kindle Blog Publishing or Sign In With Existing Account


Once you login into your Blog Publishing dashboard you will see a list of already published blogs, if any, and you should see a Link to Add Blog.

Step 2 – Click Add Blog Link to Begin Process

On next page you simply need to fill details that properly describe your blog content, provide a link to RSS feed, for WordPress blogs it would be, and fill all required fields.

I’m not going to go into all the details on what need to go into which filed, as Amazon provides very good explanations and I don’t see the need to duplicate efforts.

I do recommend creating a good screenshot of your blog, as visual presentation is important decision factor when people choose to subscribe to your blog or not.

Once you completed simply Save, Generate Blog Preview and then Publish Your Blog To Kindle.

This is it! Nothing else need to be done on your part, except going into your account details and specifying how you would like to get paid 🙂 I personally prefer direct deposit to my checking account but you do have an option to receive checks.

How Much Can You Earn From Blog Kindle Publishing?

This one is hard to predict and obviously it will depend on your niche, number of people willing to pay $0.99 per month to access your blog and multitude of other factors but this is not the point here….

What is though – You Are already spending time to do research, create quality content and publish it on regular bases. There is a whole marketplace searching for that info and willing to pay – why not benefit from it?

You make the choices appropriate for your situation but I can tell you that since adding my blog a while back – I get direct deposits to my account on regular bases and recommend you do same!

Let me know what you think and if you are a regular reader and have amazon account – I would appreciate an honest review of my blog on Amazon Kindle Page

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28 Responses to “Publish Blog To Kindle For Extra Income And Recognition”

  1. Jack says:

    The option you describe from Amazon Kindle is something I had not heard about before, and you gave an easy to understand explanation of how to do it, thanks.

  2. Alex,
    How often should you post to your blog to consider it a candidate for Kindle publishing?


  3. Hi Alex. I understand the “how” but not the “why”. As in, why would someone want to pay for access to a published blog? I’m sure the exposure on Amazon is worth it in any case, but would like to know who’d pay.



    • Alex Sysoef says:


      Convenience is my guess and ability to use their new device 🙂 Why would anyone read emails and write blog posts from Droid or iPhone?

      Better interface or more options? I don’t think so! …and yet people do it every day.

      I think similar principal applies here. It made me wonder at first too but since people are willing to pay for access to my blog – I’m willing to provide that option. Plain and Simple.

  4. I so appreciate the Kindle info you shared with us. I was not aware of it. Thanks!

  5. This is really cool! I have been planning to publish books for Kindle. This is another great option, and I’ve never heard of it before. Thanks, Alex!

  6. I’m wondering how Amazon would feel about accepting blogs in the “Make Money Online” arena? A lot of publishing solutions pretty much blockade the entire category, or at least fail to include it in any listings.

  7. Agus says:

    thanks for the info. i will try it. but people still can access my blog for free. right?

  8. JohnD says:

    Never heard of this strategy before, what stops them from using a normal RSS reader though?

  9. Robin says:

    Totally a new title to me.. and i have to go through more about this monetizing process..

    Sounds really interesting and no doubt i am gonna start it soon 😛 Thanks for the great article bro.



  10. sanjay says:

    Thanks for sharing that! Another way to gain some profit, hope this works for me.

  11. Alice says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this. I didn’t knew this existed at all, seems like such a simple way to earn a little bit more money, without extra work. Maybe If I use this I could use the extra earned money to buy a kindle myself! 😀

  12. Don says:

    This sounds like a great way to not only make a few extra bucks, but if it really catches on you will get readers from a different source.

  13. Kostas says:

    It’s the first time that I hear about something like this but can you explain if the blog should be private because I don’t understand why someone would pay for something that is public, anyway the exposure that you would get from amazon is certainly worth the time!


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  2. […] talks about the advantages of publishing your blog to Kindle. This is definitely a cool method to earn a little extra passive income from your blog. Check out […]