You are a successful Niche Blogger! You have several (or many) blogs producing you income and suck in cash like over-sized vacuum cleaners. And more then likely you have build those blogs using some form of PLR content, much like what we provide in Expert Content or part of Expert WordPress.

And as such, you article pack was limited to some number, with 25 to 40 articles being average. You have a great thing going and now you are out of content to continue feed that cash producing monster – so, Now What? How do you get quality content to continue benefit from what already works?!

I Have A Solution For You!

I know it might not be the one you want to hear but none less it is one that works for me and one that is cost effective, assuming you actually have a Niche blog that produces income and need more unique content.

Solution is to Re-Invest Into Your Future Profits!

If you already have a blog that generates income it is only becomes logical to continue providing unique content to that blog so the growth continues and you get to benefit from re-occurring earnings from content once posted.

But Fresh, Unique Content is a Must!

You can either create it on your own or you can outsource it! I choose the second as it gives me the freedom of doing what I do better – market and drive traffic to my blogs. And since I have found a cost effective solution – it is actually a LOT CHEAPER for me to outsource! It works for me right now and I’m happy to share it with you: is a service that allows you to custom order content to your specification.

Perhaps one of the best features of the service is that you never have to deal with people, hiring, negotiating and quality control all done for you. You simply use the system to to Create Project, Define the keywords and what exactly you are looking for in resulting articles and then submit it.

System handles all the rest and when writer is completed – you actually can review the content and Reject if it doesn’t meet your requirements! Pretty nice and eliminates all the complexity of dealing with people. Just fund your account and submit your projects!

Now on the cheaper part of it. Another benefit of the system is that you order content of different size and quality and as result – different price points with 1 credit equal $1:

  1. Blurb Cost (100 words):      2 credits per item
  2. Minipost Cost (200 words):     4 credits per item
  3. Article Cost (350-400 words):     6 credits per item

You can pick and choose which option meets your needs and mix them to get most cost effective solution, while getting unique content for your blog.

So if you are at the point I describe and need fresh, unique content…

Give a Second Look!

I’ll be bringing another great service that offers unique content while providing you with cost savings later but for now – would love to hear your opinion.

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