auto-social-posterIn my previous post “Niche Blogging – Where Do You Find Unique Content?” I have talked about locating quality content for your Niche Blogs that begin to produce income. And it is very important to reinvest in what already produces income for you but here comes a second problem…

How Do You Increase Return From That Content?

We only have so many hours in each day to dedicate to developing our Niche Blog Empire and using them effectively can lead to increase of profits but nothing will work as effectively as automated help!

And I’m not talking about SPAMMING any social networks or using unethical methods but simply putting in place a tool that will help you do on complete autopilot what would have taken you hours of manual work.

And because it does it one link at the time and has options for randomizing – it appears natural and will help you avoid been banned. While there are several solutions on the market to accomplish the task – I want to talk about Auto Social Poster, as it seems to be The Most Effective right now!

Once you have quality content – you need to ensure it will be seen by right people, targeted visitors. There are couple obvious ways:

  • …search engines (and if you did your posting right your blog posts are already optimized for it) and
  • …social bookmarking sites and networks – an instant traffic boost, as long as it fits people’s interests.

But to achieve either of the 2 objectives you need to be able to get your message out to them:

  1. You can get more incoming links to each of your posts manually to increase authority status in SEO eyes
  2. You can submit your posts to multiple social bookmarking sites that also helps you with incoming links for SEO and with getting more immediate traffic from those Web 2.0 sites by getting it in front of interested crowd.

Doing all of the above manually is possible and quite time consuming, especially if you have more then one blog that needs the work. And what I like about Auto Social Poster is that it automates all of the above!

Once you install the plugin and set it up properly – it will do the work for you, leaving you with more time on hands to do other things.

Can It Be used For Spam?

Absolutely! As any other automation tool it can be quite easily abused and misused and my goal here is Not To Justify it but to help you automate the process!

I do my best to submit the posts (configurable in plugin) only to the social networks and bookmarking sites I normally participate in.

While not always possible I still do my best to be good citizen of the Web 2.0 sites and whenever I see a site or blog I find interesting – I use Only Wire and to submit it to multiple social bookmarking and social network sites in semi-automated fashion while browsing the web.

This helps me to keep active profile and contribute not only my own content.

Tip: Just be mindful on what you want to share. Niche Blogging is competitive market and I have different profiles – one browser has everything setup for my main profile used to promote this blog and my business and I have a separate profile for Niche Blogs to ensure that my tracks are hidden from competition.

If you need a good quality content I can highly recoomend our own Expert Content service where we deliver on monthly bases superb PLR articles at great savings and also memebrs of our Expert WordPress get access to 10 niches every month with 20 pre-written and “profits verified” blog posts with 10 comments for each Niche market.

Auto Social Poster is not the cheapest solution but it is the best in what it does and it comes with several licenses that make it quite affordable to try. I like that option as it will allow you to evaluate the tool and if works – you can expand the license at discount later!

See if it will work for you!