Continuing with my previously started mini series on Niche Blogging I wanted to share another way to simplify your life through automation:

Blogomator – a free to join blogging service

It’s not perfect and has some minuses but for what it does and the price it offers – its a no-brainer solution if you are running more then one blog! In this post I want to discuss all the of the pluses and minuses as well as talk about WHY you might want to consider upgrade, and believe me – its not only because I get my affiliate cut!

What Is Blogomator?

Blogomator is a service run by an entrepreneur from Ukraine (part of former Soviet Union) who chooses to call himself Uncle Dmitiry. Interesting choice but I’m not going to argue about it as coding behind the service is superb and what is perhaps more important – it is very simple to understand and use!

I have seen many other services with similar promise but none of them was able to offer the simplicity of Blogomator. It is really designed for anyone to be able to use. Nice clean interface, great functionality and plenty of tutorials that cover every single step you need to take.

Although it is simple enough that most of you will never even look at tutorials!

What Blogomator Does?

Idea behind the service is extremely simple and yet one that is extremely needed if you have to manage more then one Niche Blog. It provides you with exactly 3 services:

  1. Ability to upload you PLR articles and schedule them for posting to your blogs via Normal posting
  2. Ability to use your Existing Autoresponder and Email your List and post it to your blog at same time
  3. And ability to promote EACH post to multiple bookmarking sites on autopilot as it is posted.

See some screenshots below.

Publishing your articles:


Posting Via Autoreponder

This one is configured Per Blog which gives you quite nice ability to control how you deliver your content and where you deliver it. Blog in image below is not configured for it but I just wanted to share it as I think this is HUGE time saver!


Promoting Via Social Web

You have to configure your accounts in order for this to work and I only have one advice. If you are like me and avid user of Twitter (I refuse to call myself twitterholic 🙂  – you might not to use promotion of all your blogs to the Twitter. I have a few Niche Blogs and if I do them all – my account will be nothing by automated posts.

Will be hard to keep followers. Just a word of advice!


And lets not forget that even though interface and options available to you are extremely simple – “Uncle Dmitriy” provides a superb set of tutorials to get through the process.

And now …

Why Should You Upgrade To Blogomator Pro?

As I have mentioned before – basic service is FREE to join but it comes with limitations on how many promotions you can do via Social Sites per day, limit that can hinder your marketing. But it is not is hard hitting as second reason:

Each Post you publish will get a Blogomator link attached to it! See image below:


This might not be a big deal for many blogs but if you are within a competitive niche – you might not to have each post on your blog linking out to that service! Just a thought I think well worth consideration!

According to my buddy “Uncle Dmitriy” you also get with upgrade:

  • Access to step by step videos to easily drive traffic to your site. Get first results in couple of hours
  • Collection of 100 000 free private label rights articles to use on your site
  • No link back to at the end of your posts
  • No daily limits for automatic social posting
  • Access to free ebooks section
  • And much more…

I highlighted the options I see as very important 😛

Another HUGE bonus is that Upgrade is ONLY $14.85 each 3 month. Quite a steal considering what you get as result but if you upgrade when you see a One Time Offer – you get even better deal! I skipped the offer but I’m pretty sure it included a lifetime membership, where you just pay once and enjoy the automation!

Grab the Blogomator for Test Drive!


And don’t forget to share YOUR OPINION on Blogomator!