Breaking News: I have just received an email from a Publisher Services Manager for Kontera In-Text Ad Network with an announcement of brand new plan offered by their service. This service is not publicly announced yet and you have a chance to get it before everyone else does!
Get $25 Bonus From Kontera With Your First Payment!


I personally have been using Kontera as it provides one of the least annoying ways to monetize my content by providing links from within content and do it automatically. Once I have setup my blog with code provided by Kontera I don’t have to do anything else.

Relevance of in-text ads creates a higher click through and as results higher earnings potential for me without annoying my readers. Everyone wins. And here is your chance to benefit from it.

Kontera just getting ready to announce their brand new bonus plan:

Reach 50,000 impressions during your first month and get $25 bonus added to your first payment!

Get started here …

Since I talk about WordPress I also want to present you with couple plugins to help you make the best of the service.

  • Kontera WordPress plugin presented by official Kontera team and allows you to easily integrate the ads while still keeping control over where it appears. Easily configurable through admin interface you can disable ads on complete categories such as your paid reviews. And if this level of control is not enough, have a look at next plugin …
  • Kontera Integration – This plugin adds the Kontera script to the bottom of the page. Also it is possible to customize your Kontera ads even further through the Options page. It is very easy not to set the color, and heading filtering of the ads. Furthermore the plugin restricts the Kontera ads to your blog content, and not outside of it. This optimizes the number of clicks the ads receive. Finally you can choose which posts to omit from targeting. This is very useful when you use PayPerPost, or other services that require you to remove anything that overlaps the content in your post.

So, are you up to the challenge? Join and begin your own journey …