Warning: what I’m about to share will not help you to create an authority blog but it will generate huge amount of fresh content that you can monetize via AdSense and affiliate marketing. In fact I have debated on the idea of sharing this one or not for a last week but since I have tested it – I decided to let you make up your own mind.

AdSense (or YPN in my case) has never been a big part of my personal monetization strategy simply because I know I can get more from my content via other means but when I DON’T have to write a word and get additional income from it – it becomes a different story… and here is the kicker: It Is 100% Legal and according to All Copyrights! In fact authors love you for it and willing to send some traffic as was proven on my blog…

I guess I got your attention if you are reading this far, huh?

I know this post contradicts all my other teachings on this blog about creating quality unique content in order to get visitors and clicks. But creating this quality content takes time to research, write and promote. Time that requires for majority of people to drop other projects and concentrates on one or two blogs.

  • What if you have other domain names that are well researched and you know can pull the profits but simply don’t have time to write for it or money to outsource the process?

In fact that is how I came to the point of trying the method I’m about to share. I had couple domain names that I stopped developing and they were slowly deteriorating into nothing and going from PR4 to PR2 in one case I will use as an example. Daily traffic volume on that site has dropped from 500-700 to 30-40 visitors a day since I have stopped writing for it and only due to couple articles I had nicely optimized for Google. Needless to say that income from that domain has dropped to nearly nothing…

Once the flow of fresh content stops – Search Engines begin to ignore your site!

That is a simple truth everyone well aware of. Which leads me to a point of the tale…

About 10 days ago my friend and JV partner Kim Standerline contacted me and asked if I would be interested to take a look at her new product Easy Blog Pro and possibly promote it and promised that it will generate MASSIVE amounts of quality content for my blog. I was a bit skeptical but decided to have a look and evaluate it, especially since I had a dormant domain. I have implemented the process on February 20 and you can see the Google Analytics results below…


Keep in mind that high point in traffic is only about 100+ visitors but I pretty much didn’t do ANYTHING to promote it outside of using WordPress ping! As I have discovered some of the authors Stumbled their own articles on my new blog and helped me to get some new visitors, which I obviously greatly appreciate Cool, after all its a win-win situation: they get more exposure, I get traffic which I can monetize!

I have quickly implemented Yahoo Text Ads and Amazon Context Ads (as described in this post) to see what I would get from that blog. I wish I could tell you I had staggering results but reality is much more prosaic – I have earned just over $7 since implementing it but! That Is Nearly Same Amount I had from that blog in last 2 Month and I didn’t do a thing! All content was published automatically and all visitors were free!


In my book it is nothing to be excited about but once again – it is free money so I take it! Laughing

And now more about the system Kim released…

Whats Is Easy Blogs Pro?

It is a total package: a complete set of plugins for WordPress they recommend for using, video tutorials on installing and setting up blogs, several Niche targeted themes but most importantly 2 custom scripts.

Each script works with an established Article Distribution services to automatically receive newly submitted articles on a niche you get to choose and publish it on your blog with all formating applied. Script create all categories, new authors and fully integrated into WordPress system to give your blog an appearance of Multi Author blog. I have only tried the script that works with one of the services and amount of content is huge, so be careful to choose category that fits your niche best!

Each script comes with video tutorial describing entire process of install, setup and everything you need to get it rolling. And while one of the Article Distribution services have rather broad topic definitions, second allows you a very granular picks of exact topics you need to receive and even allows you to specify Not to publish articles right away but rather put them into Pending state so you can review it before they will appear on your blog. Which in my opinion makes it a great addition to many blogs that need content but want to ensure the quality of it before publishing.

Does It Have Minuses?

Absolutely! Unless you use directory that allows you complete control over published content (which I didn’t do on my blog used as example) you get a LOT of content. It keeps on bringing Search Engines over and over to your blog so make sure to watch the bandwidth. And perhaps second minus – don’t expect to build an authority blog using this method.

It will create content, it will get you visitors and it even will generate some income for you but it will not make you an Authority. But if replicated multiple times across multiple niches – you have a potential of generating quite a bit more then what I have shown for my YPN account. I was never into AdSense farming but a simple calculation shows:

  • 1 blog $7 a week, 4 weeks – $28
  • 2 blogs – $56, 3 blogs – $84
  • … you get the idea Innocent

Being that it is a 100% legal method and Not Content Scraping as many other systems teach you I say it is worth a try! Since I haven’t done any promotion my results can be a lot lower than what an average can be. Since you don’t have to worry about writing content – you will have time to take care of link building, promotions and social marketing. And if you are ready to try it …

Here is your private invitation to Easy Blogs Pro.