Would you like to get paid blogging about something that you love? For some reason lately if someone talks about the subject of getting paid blogging, they automatically assume that you have to sell out and write reviews for some ad networks…

While it can be done that way – in my mind it is a bad way to do it!

Granted you can get paid upfront for every post you write but the beauty of the blogs lies in opposite direction from that model! People flock to the blogs for several reasons, one of which in my opinion is unbiased information about the topic they are interested in! People look for information from trusted sources, from real people just like them!

Your goal as a blogger is to become that trusted source and deliver on expectation!

You Can Get Paid Blogging About Your Hobby!

I think this is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make money blogging, as it contains several of the crucial elements to ensure you blog success:

  • Passion – majority of the blogs fail due to a lack of unique, quality information that continues to flow to it. Creating content requires work, requires research and no matter how carefully you have done Niche research and identified profitability of the subject – your blog will eventually die if you stop providing content. Passion can fuel the creative streak in you even if you write about most trivial subject!

  • Products Or Services To Sell – I don’t think I have seen an area of human interest that has a consumer demand and doesn’t have companies providing a products or services. Demand always creates an offer, unless you live in a country that preaches socialism. And since you are passionate about the topic – more then likely you are already using or planning to use some of the products or services offered. Find an affiliate program for the merchants, contact them directly if needed and ask if they will be interested to pay you for referrals and then write honest reviews and include affiliate links to products or services. Remember – people are looking for honest opinions of other people who already used the product or service! You don’t even have to sell them on it! Simply give your personal opinion and eventually you will see the flow of income from those reviews. It just works, as long as you don’t write ONLY negative reviews.

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  • Readily available audience – if you are passionate about some activity, more then likely there are hundreds of people (even in worst case scenario) who are interested in same! Obviously the larger this group – the more chances you have to earn when blogging to make money. All you need to do is locate people who are passionate about your topic, your hobby and send them back to your blog. Forums are one of the most obvious choices, simply do a Google search on your “keyword + forum” and you will be surprised how many might pop-up! Provide answers, information and become active part of community while giving links to information on your blog or simply use signature marketing method. Social Networks are another great place to find your audience: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace – all are great candidates. Just do a search for your keywords – become member of the groups and once again – provide answers and occasional reference to your blog to get the immediate flow of interested traffic.

There are many ways to get the targeted traffic to your blog and this post is not about it! It is about critical ingredients required for successful and sustainable blog income. Ingredients are very simple:

  1. Quality, unique content
  2. Monetization build into your blog
  3. Targeted traffic to your blog

That is it! Those are the basics but to get them right and actually get paid blogging – it is a lot simpler if you do it about a topic you are passionate about – Your Hobby!

Obviously that the more popular your hobby is – more opportunities you have, but even a smallest and most unusual (as long as its legal) hobby can be profitable!

It is your passion and your opinion that will fuel the quality content and ability to become obvious expert in the area to build trust.

And once you have the trust – it is VERY easy to sell products and services you personally like and use to people with similar interests! Make Your Opinion Matter if you want to do blogging to make money!