It is not generally a good taste to put that word on your blog, especially if you are talking about monetization, earning and possibly making a leaving from your blog. I have seen time and time again as Internet Marketers avoid that word as a plague to not scare people away.

This word can kill your marketing effort as surely as discussing religion or politics on a blog not specifically targeting these topics. And yet I think it is absolutely crucial that in our society that word has to be known. That word should be in the mind of every blogger seriously counting on success …


Yep, that’s it. Work is the word that people for some reason trying to avoid. Blogging is fun and can be quite profitable fun when you do it on the topic you love and find it easy to write on. But still:

  • it requires work to setup and customize your blog
  • it requires work to research information you share with your readers
  • it requires work to write an article
  • it requires work to post it to your blog
  • and it requires work to do even some very basic promotion

OK, I’m done rumbling and this post was more of a vent. Somehow people starting to more and more look for solutions that are instant. Promises of results that don’t require any work on their part – but common!

Anything we do will require work!

Amount of work we put into our project determines the returns, assuming we have the right guidance. Anything outside of the work itself is nothing more then collection of tools and information that can help us but only our own efforts and our own work and dedication determines if it will.

Lets be honest with ourselves and admit – we have to work to be successful or we can continue to dream of success we will never reach.