New Year is traditionally a time when we set our goals, make decisions designed to change our lives for the better…

…and “surprisingly” enough we get plenty of offers with “ultimate solutions” to ALL our goals. Yeah, right!

As I write this post I must have deleted at least 20 emails with such a promises without reading and have every intention on continue to do so. However unpleasant the thought might be – our success directly depends on our efforts and our desire. Everything else is just the means of helping us getting closer to the goals we set for ourselves, so it is very important that our goals not only push us but also based on reality!

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment!

I’m not a motivational speaker and have no intentions of guiding anyone on goal setting, in fact I believe that I’m probably missing a lot of info that could help me personally but it will not stop me from setting my goals. I think that as long as few basic principals applied I will do just fine:

  • Set goals that are realistic and yet, make me shoot for higher achievements
  • Set goals based on past performance, knowledge and experience
  • Set goals that could be tracked and measured
  • …and finally – Set goals that address my unique situation

2007 was a very good year for my online business and I attribute success to my customers, my readers, my subscribers! I would be nowhere if not for you and I would like to thank you for taking the time from your busy lives to read my blog, my emails and purchase my product or product based on my recommendation!

In 2007 I have found a way to apply my personal unique knowledge and use it to help other people. I have to admit that results far exceeded my goals and expectations and also taught me some great lessons. and in setting my goals for 2008 I’m guided by a principal – Give and You Shall Receive!

1. Triple my income from blog. I have never shared in any form my blog earnings and received a few emails on Why? Reason is quite simple: I’m not here to taunt anyone with my personal results and even as I write this I still do not plan to share it – it is my personal accomplishment which has no relation to my main topic. But that doesn’t mean I don’t track it. Trick will be to triple it by NOT compromising the content or quality of information but by getting more readers, more visitors, more subscribers…

Step 1 to this goal: I’ll be announcing a very unique Contest on my blog starting from next week designed to get more exposure, more RSS readers and more newsletter subscribers. Stay tuned and make sure not to miss the announcement – I promise to make it well worth the time!

2. Deliver More with my Web 2.0 Wealth Product. W2.0W is my flagship product but what many people don’t know (because it is not advertised in any form or shape) is that I provide a lot more videos than specified on sales page. And no, I’m not talking about VIP program offered to current customers but free videos available to everyone who purchased the system. Well, this year I plan to provide even more to make it really worth $67 spent by you. Success of my customers is my primary goal and I have every intention to continue with support model my customers experienced and deliver on expectations.

3. Release a new product. Already in works although not mentioned anywhere. I’m working with a partner to create something totally new and built on what I have learned from W2.0W product. While it will be based on experience with W2.0W – it will not replace it and will not devalue the initial offering. But that is all I’m going to mention about it, more will come in due time!

4. Give More with My Blog! Most important goal of ALL ABOVE! This blog is cornerstone of my success and to achieve higher results on other goals – it has to deliver more! In order to accomplish this goal I have decided to cut down on frequency of posting and instead concentrate on quality of posts. With my plate quite full it is the only means to deliver on expectations.

I know goals above might seem rather generic without the specifics but they are designed to be a listing of major milestones not detailed listing… How well I will do? I guess 2008 will show that.

Happy New 2008!