I guess something like this was just a matter of time and something we can expect others to implement, UNLESS it is stopped by making it public knowledge:

City Of Philadelphia Demands $300 Tax From Each Blogger

…just for the privilege to write! If this is not a direct assault on Freedom Of Speech – I don’t know what is! Yes, granted they didn’t tell bloggers to stop writing but knowing the statistics on income average bloggers generates – $300 tax a year in addition to all other taxes imposed on bloggers will effectively silence them!

Consider this…

According to 2009 State Of Blogosphere

72% of respondents are classified as Hobbyists, meaning that they report no income related to blogging.

That means 3/4 of the bloggers from Philadelphia use blogs as a hobby, personal journal where they share their opinion! Opinion that City Of Philadelphia obviously doesn’t want to be heard!

Image is from technorati:

Blog Income

But it gets even worse – because according to the stats provided by Technorati‘s report – ONLY 17% of the bloggers who do it professionally derive their primary income from the blogs!

That is 17% of the 28% of the total number of people taking part in survey!

I know many bloggers who struggle and those who succeed and I can tell first hand that paying $300 plus all additional draconian taxes that city have chosen to impose of them will kill the very Freedom Of Speech guaranteed to us by U.S. Constitution!

Not by prohibiting it but by Taxing It!

It appears our freedoms are up for grabs by unscrupulous politicians to cover their frivolous expenses!

Is Your City Next to Tax You?

Spread the word and let it be known to prevent this from happening!