Have you ever run into situation when you know you need to … when you have something to share that you know is important, or perhaps have to provide content to keep obligation and yet – Nothing Comes To Mind.

You Just Can’t Force That Very First Sentence Out Of Your Brain?

There are multiple articles and even whole books have been published on the subject and I don’t plan to compete with them but simply talk about getting that first bit of inspiration to be able to deliver your message. Especially if it is important – and you simply feel obligated to deliver it to your readers.

When I personally run into these situation I always find it extremely useful to go to the source. What is it that prompted me to write the post and why did I think it was important? What made the message I was planning to share?

Lo and Behold – once I have started re-reading the source I didn’t need an inspiration but rather a way to simplify it and deliver it in compact format. Such was the case when I decided to write this article. As you can see I have already managed to rumble on 4 paragraphs and still haven’t shared the information that prompted me to write it 🙂

I do hope you will forgive my musings and stopping testing your patience. Today I was scanning the news I pull from multiple RSS feeds, ignoring many and reading some, when I run into article on Blog Mastermind. Actually it was more of a marketing ad then a post so I simply ignored and went to the source. Since it was mentioning Yaro Starak I knew exactly where to go as I read his Entrepreneurs Journey Blog on regular bases.

Turns out he just released his Blog Mastermind and as a bonus download you get a 50 page report filled with some great information on actually earning from your blog and doing it for the sake of personal satisfaction and not monetary gain. A rather detailed information to help you build success as blogger I constantly changing plane of blogosphere.

So there, perhaps I didn’t manage to do such a great job on telling you how to get that inspiration but at least I have managed to tell you about the source. And since it is a free download I highly advise you grab it 🙂

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