Automated blog posting for AdSense income is perhaps one of the most common questions I get from customers and blog readers. Reality is- there are several solutions that will do that for you without a need to scrape other people’s blogs for content and steal it.

I hate scrapers with all my passion and will never advise anyone to get involved into this activity. What I will share in this post is a result of research and personal experience and each solution provided is designed to provide your with automated blog content without stealing it. It will not help you build authority blog, make no mistakes about it, but it might help you increase your AdSense income.

Since I work with WordPress, in this post I will provide link to several plugins, both free and commercial solutions that will provide you with automated blog posting. You choose what fits best your needs but be aware – I haven’t used the free plugins listed here, only the paid options since they come with better support.

Free Articles Import Plugins For WordPress

In this section I provide you with links to plugins that import Articles on your chosen topic into your WordPress blog and even allow you some form of management on posting frequency and do it on autopilot.

Don’t be greedy and if you have a tightly focused Niche Blog – don’t pick too many or too broad categories. It will delude quality of your blog.

  • Auto Submit Article Script For WordPress – it is more then just a plugin and comes with good installation instructions. Designed to help you bring in articles from Article Dashboard distribution service and as such – have a great choice of very tightly focused categories. Visit the page for full details.
  • The Unique Article Wizard WordPress Plugin – another free plugin that will give you access to articles from The Unique Article Wizard distribution service. Sounds like a great tool but I haven’t tested it myself and it does come with a great control options. Demo and examples are provided on the page as well so you can evaluate.
  • Article Directory WordPress Plugin – is another plugin you can use to turn your blog into receiving end of the article distribution. This one released rather recently and comes with quite a few customization options. See the author page for details.

Paid Plugins and Solutions For Automated Content

In this section I want to provide you with links to services that come with commercial support but are not free. They work and I used them to various degree of success. I just never had enough time to dedicate to pushing it to the limits ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Easy Blog Pro is one service I personally still use on couple of my Niche blogs and it works like a charm. Quite honestly I don’t remember all the details as since I have set them up, they simply work and produce the income. It allows me to import designated content from couple Article Distribution services and as such – constant flow of fresh content. If interested see my review of the product here – Need AdSense Blog On Autopilot?
  • 10 Days Cash Secret – Create a Niche Blog filled with content generated from Affiliate Product Feed. Schedule content to appear automatically and fully optimized for SEO. Extremely effective for getting high rankings on VERY long tail keywords (product names), which leads to a high click through and nice affiliate commissions. I still use it and can vouch that it simply works!
  • PLR To WordPress plugin is another new plugin provided for you for a small payment. Idea is very simple – grab all those PLR articles you have, import them into your blog and put it on autopilot. I haven’t used the plugin yet but it comes with video that shows entire process. Just visit the plugin page.

Whatever solution you choose and decide to you – don’t expect it to be the magic bullet to solving your income problems and don’t expect too high results from each individual blog you create that way. Blog quality created using any of the methods above are not the authority blogs but the will produce!

Do expect the need to setup more then just one blog in order to get some measurable income from them and do expect to promote theme to actually get it.

One last helping hand for you if you actually decide to go the route of using Automated Content. Service I provide above doesn’t require any plugins installation but I personally think it provides the best of both worlds – promotion and free content.

  • Article Marketing Automation is a dual edge sword. Its fore front is an extremely powerful article distribution service that allows you to submit articles to multiple related blogs with YOUR links embedded into it. You can promote multiple links to your site in each article and will be distributed to blogs that agreed to accept them, because they want free content. And if you want to make your automated blog part of the distribution network – simply use this link to join AMA as site owner (FREE).

With all the options provided above you now have range to choose from to archive Automated Blog Posting to your WordPress blog.

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