Autoblogging and recurring blog  income on autopilot go hand to hand, right? At least this is what you hear time and time again…

But is it really? Just how much are we willing to compromise with our principals in order to get an extra dollar?

Unfortunately in theses trying times many people become desperate and fall easy prey to promises of instant riches on complete autopilot that they are exposed to. Seeing popularity of the topic I see more and more marketers jumping on band wagon and providing “solutions”.

While there is some merit to the autoblogging approach, and I in fact use some strategies myself and recommend some to my subscribers, many of the offers I have seen are nothing more then Spam Blog Creation machines that steal other people’s content and it is presented to you as solution to your money problems!

And yes, you do get all the disclaimers that inappropriate usage is not recommended but we know that desperate people willing to go to desperate measures and if a method with abuse option is available – IT WILL BE ABUSED!

Perhaps this is just my personal rant that will be ignored and fall into archives unnoticed but I still have to speak my piece as my blog quite often becomes a target to those who implement methods they were taught and in reality nothing more then theft!

And while I will not be mentioning any specific products I just want to describe pattern of promises that should help you identify them and hopefully stay away from or at least use their strategies with application of common sense:

  • “this software pulls articles off the web immediately in any niche you choose, takes just a second.”My translation: This software helps you create Spam Blogs quickly by scraping other people’s blogs and stealing their content.
  • “build massive number of inbound links on autopilot” My Translation: Pingback spam machine and one of the perfect examples described on Andy Beard’s blog.

And yes – many of the strategies described in these types of products do work, when implemented consistently and in mass. But is it worth it for you? We all could use an extra dollar or two but are you willing to become part of content theft glorified and justified by explanation “others do it”?

Good Part Is That You Still Can Create Autoblogs!

Even by using some of the advise you might get from the products that I personally question – just follow simple rules and avoid contributing to this spam blog trend..

Ask yourself these questions and if you answer “no” or “don’t know” – don’t implement that specific strategy:

  1. Do you have permission to re-publish content from chosen source? Chances are – someone created it and might not be happy if you duplicate it on your own site. Intellectual properly is still a properly and taking and using it without permission is theft. Plain and Simple.
  2. Quality and Quantity – if using one of the plugins that enables you to automatically add links to other RELEVANT blog posts and send pingback – when should you stop? Use moderation and don’t just fill pages with links in hopes to get some of those pingbacks to link back to you!
  3. Would you do it offline? If you had to implement a method and it would require face to face interaction with people affected/impacted by it – would you do it?

Every tool has its merits but I personally have a deep disdain for spam blogs and content scrapers! So even if you choose to buy one of those products – please apply some common sense – it might not be sexy but in the long run will make you happier!