Blogging to make money is not just a trend – it is something that is here to stay and it seems like “how to make money blog” is the first thing people create when they get started. In this post I want to discuss …

3 Mistakes that Kill Your Making Money With Blog efforts!

While number 3 simply represents some of the most common issues I have observed I want to concentrate on them as they also have huge impact. Here they are in not any specific order…

1. Content Not Designed For Search Engine Placement

Google is your friend although he does act sometimes as though you are his step-child. Yes, he does punishes and “giveth” without us understanding all the reasons behind his action but as someone I meet last weekend said – Google is a small “G” that controls what we receive from internet.

But first we have to Give!

Google loves nothing more than fresh, on topic content that delivers the answers to people who use it for finding answers!

And the more precise your content will be – the more you will receive! A simple concept of providing the exact information people search for in order to get FREE TRAFFIC! It also called more often using a fancy term of Search Engine Optimization!

And I think that is precisely what scares the people away from it. I’m no guru and have no intention to spend too much time digging into all the things related to the SEO but I do know one thing – it doesn’t require Rocket Scientist! In my Expert WordPress product I have dedicated several videos to the topic and showed how simple it is to make the optimization process part of your normal content creation!

In fact – this entire post, while providing EXACT information I want to share is designed to deliver an answer to a very specific term used on Search Engines by people each and every month!

I’m not going to spend time discussing the SEO for WordPress in this post but if you need more info here is additional reading:

  • The Blogger’s Guide to SEO – by Aaron & Giovanna Wall. While more advanced bloggers might not discovered too much new in this guide I personally like it as a reference material. Written by a well recognized blogger this guide provides all the major steps you need to cover with your blog in a very convenient format.
  • WordPress SEO Masterclass For Competitive Niches by Andy Beard in my opinion is a lot more advanced guide that takes one site and walks through improving its rank. Andy does a great job in this post covering multiple linking strategy that are very advanced and provides you with a great tools freely available to make your own calculations. This is one of the most in depth blog SE optimization articles I have see in a while and a great read.

2. Blog Not Designed For Monetization

One you have created superb piece of content fully optimized for Search Engines and social networks (yeah, we do want all the web 2.0 traffic) – you need to think about converting all the visitors you get by Guiding them into Action!

Biggest Mistake = Too Many Options

Ever get to someone’s blog just to be greeted with a page full of ads? Did you ever go through and click them all? I bet you felt quite annoyed to be greeted by so many banners, ads, etc.

Then Why do you think Your Customers Are Different?

I personally call it a common sense test – ask someone you know who is not closely tied to your blog, such as yourself to tell you what they think. De-clutter it based on feedback you get!

I prefer to have one or two Ads that produce results then 10 that don’t!

Concept of designing web site (or blog) for action is something I have learned a while back as a webmaster and something too many bloggers fail to understand. To help you overcome this issue here are some posts:

3. Failure To Drive Traffic

This one is huge!

As I talk to my clients and subscribers I often try to evaluate how effectively implemented strategies I teach. I love it when results far supersede my own but unfortunately very often I get questions similar to “how do I get traffic”.

And when I ask which of the techniques I have shared they used I learn that a person only sporadically implemented maybe one or two tactics and yet expect great results. Well – it will not work!

Traffic strategies rely on dispersion and consistency.

Meaning that you can’t just implement one tactic and expect that it will do it. It requires multiple efforts that includes link building, article marketing, social marketing, video marketing, {place your own here} to be used in one complex to truly see the benefits!

I know that time is something we all don’t have but I can only recommend one thing – pick a strategy to be used by, pick a day of the week, schedule it for yourself and DO IT!

Traffic will not just magically appear for you {although in rare cases it does happen}.

Once again I can only recommend you take advantage of tutorial listed to learn more and pick what works best for you:

Blogging To Make Money is Easy!

All you need are the 3 things in place for making money with blog:<

  1. Quality Content To Deliver Answers
  2. Blog Setup for Making Money without Annoying your visitors
  3. Quality Traffic that you can monetize and Force your blog to earn