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2 Reasons Your Blog Is Destined To Fail

failureYou decided to start blogging to make money because “everyone said it is the easiest thing to do” right now! And even if you have decided to blog because you have an important message to share with the world – I have bad news for you!

You have more chances to fail then to succeed!

And no, I’m not trying to be all doom and gloom here but rather will try to outline some of the biggest issues I’m seeing time and time again and perhaps it will help you overcome the sad statistics!

While there are great many reasons for blog failure already mentioned in multiple blog posts around the web – I want to concentrate today on ONLY 2!

But these 2 problems will pretty much ensure your blog will fail, UNLESS you are extremely good at social networking and blog promotion! yes, I do believe that social networks today are powerful enough to save you from becoming sad failuire statistic!

Failure Reason 1: WordPress Theme Used On Your Blog

Search Engine traffic is extremely important to me and my blogs and contributes nearly 50% of all new visitors to this blog on daily bases and well over 90% on my Niche Blogs.

Search Engine Traffic Is Lifeblood of the blog that Doesn’t Cost Anything!

Unfortunately, based on my personal investigation – 99% of the free themes that exist for WordPress blogs not only Not Optimized to help your blog posts rank well in search engine results but actually coded in such a way that they become

The Reason Why Your Blog Can’t Rank Well!

Beautiful themes I have looked through in last couple weeks while trying to decide what I want to change my blog look into are actually very poorly coded from Search Engine Optimization perspective and one I have chosen to use as base for my new blog requires nearly complete overhaul!

But because most of the bloggers are not SEO experts (neither am I, even though I know a thing or two) – they overlook this extremely important factor!

Solution: If you know how to do the code modifications yourself and can get your way around CSS styling you can optimize the theme to be Search Engine Optimized while still retaining the look you liked. If you need to examine a good, SE optimized theme – Thematic is superb example you can use! Otherwise – outsource to someone who knows SEO aspects associated with WordPress – this will be best investment you can make!

Failure Reason 2: Consistency Of Action

Blogs are dynamic by nature and designed to deliver timely and on topic content. That is one of the reasons Google loves the blogs so much and willing to help you rank well, if you play your cards right!

Problem is – no matter how much we know, we get destructed and we stray away from actions that have proven to deliver results:

  • Be it a proper keyword research before creating blog post
  • On page SEO of the article as we write it
  • Building incoming links
  • Social marketing of your blog post
  • … {name your pill here }

And because of the dynamic nature of our blogs – once Google begins to see the withering of content it came to expect from your blog – it will make its visit less and less frequent…

Until One Day It Stops! (almost)

While your pages will still be retained in Google index, your blog will be looked at as less important, as content is more dated. And even though it will continue to provide you with traffic to previously optimized posts – it will slowly reduce, or so I have seen on my own blog…

Lack Of Consistency Kills Your Blog

Or at least greatly reduces its effectiveness.

Solution: Once you begin to blog and do it for a bit – you will begin to see which tasks are most beneficial to your blog ranking and positioning. Create yourself a simple task list that have to be completed, no matter what, each time you publish a new post. Try to automate some of those tasks if possible but don’t ignore them!

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31 Responses to “2 Reasons Your Blog Is Destined To Fail”

  1. Leon says:

    So true. Consistency is key and sometimes it is hard to blog everyday. Writing a plan as you say is the best course of action. In my experience in my effort to blog everyday the quality of my blog posts were suffering.

    Therefore it’s important to have a plan to wrtie posts. Thanks for the wake up call.

    Leons last blog post..Lazee Feat Neverstore – Hold On

  2. James says:

    What level of posting frequency do you recommend? I’ve seen various suggestions ranging from 3 -4 times per day to twic per week. I’ve noticed on a couple of my blogs that the more trafficed posts tend to be older entries.

    Jamess last blog post..Roxburghe: Macdonald Hotels

    • TheSpotter says:


      I say even for established blog you have to create a unique piece of content at least once a week. New blogs are always best with at least 5 times a week posting for a month or so but as your blog gets older – you can slow down, unless you don’t want to.

      I seen best traffic for this blog (after a year or so) with about 2-3 posts a week. Optimal combination it seems for this established blog.

  3. I agree with your second point! Lack of action is one of the major problems.

    As you also say in point number 2 link building is very important and that alone will (IMO) completely remove your point number one as a factor. I will bet that you can get even the crappiest site design to rank with a sufficient amount of links to it.

    When that is said I feel that there is one important thing that has been left out and that is that you NEED to fail. No successful “anything” has ever gotten to where they went without failing a number of times and that is very important to remember.

    Because if you are so afraid of failing that you won’t even try you are destined to never succeed and not trying is actually THE ONLY way to be sure that you don’t become a success 🙂


    Mikael @ Retire Earlys last blog post..Top URL Shortener – How to Create Shorter Links

  4. Vince says:

    After reading this post and the comments, I felt that my blog still has a long way to go. 🙁

    But I believe time will come that this blog will be as established as yours. Thanks for this encouraging post.:)

    Vinces last blog post..Music Clinic In OLCM

  5. jan geronimo says:

    Zemanta brought me to your blog. You’ve come up in its suggestion of related posts on the web.

    I don’t feel quite comfortable talking about what’s great on the stand point of SEO matters. But I understand that having a WordPress blog gives you a fighting chance in the battle for search engines’ attention. So I had moved from blogger to WP self-hosted blog. I need to be taken more seriously and WordPress seems the answer for my needs.

    I’d like very much to adopt a more laid back posting frequency myself – makes for more thoughtful and well conceived posts. But I’m a relatively new blogger, just all of 6 months today so I’d decided to post on a more frequent basis: 3 to 4 times a week. I’m a bit paranoid that readers will have nothing to read when they’ve finally come to check out my blog. Maybe when I’ve logged 500 posts or 1k, I’d ease up a bit.

    You’ve lots of interesting posts. Just what the doctor’s ordered for the likes of me. “,)

  6. SEO matters but it is not the only determinant of success. You need to provide content worth reading. That is the most important factor. Then you need to get readers, and SEO can help a great deal with that.

    Really if you just use post titles in you url (which you can set in the wordpress admin interface) you have gotten a huge amount of SEO benefit. Other than that I think most blogs need to spend more time creating better content not worrying about SEO.

  7. Brad Officer says:

    Man, spot on! Consistency has been key for me. It’s tough to keep up with all areas that need attention with my blog and do my business at the same time. Great advice on needing a checklist! Basically required if you plan to stay ahead of the game.

    Brad Officers last blog post..Jacksonville Homes For Sale – Price Slashing


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