This post was written by Monika Mundell

It’s funny, here I am raving about how good my host is and then things suddenly go wrong. A few days ago I instructed my hosting provider to upgrade my server to a reseller account. I wanted a more stable environment and more bandwidth, as I’m heavily into niche marketing right now.

All was fine until now. Suddenly my last two posts are gone and so are the latest comments on my blog. As if they never even been there.

The purpose of this post is to show you how important it is to make regular blog backups. To do this I use the WordPress Database Backup Plugin. It works a treat and does the job every time.

If memory serves me right, it also works on the latest WordPress 2.5 version too. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this mentioned on another blog and the WordPress Codex page doesn’t seem to list this at present as being approved, but you can always test this anyway.

Lucky for me (or so I hope) I did make a backup today, but it might have been before I published my latest post which took me some 70 minutes to write. Uuh this hurts bad.

It really sucks when this happens and therefore we need to protect ourselves from events like these by updating regularly.

As you can see below, you can choose which tables you want to backup by ticking the respective box to the left of it.

wordpress database plugin

You can also choose to backup to the server, to download to your computer or send the backup file to your email inbox.

One feature I really like is the scheduled backup. You can choose between:

  • Never (duh)
  • Once Hourly
  • Once Daily
  • Once Weekly

And choose the tables to include beforehand as seen in the next screen shot.wordpress backup schedule

If you don’t backup regularly right now, I suggest you do from now on as this can save you a lot of headaches. Regardless of whether you blog often or not, backing up your data is so important.

I don’t know yet on whether the guys of my host can fix this, but I sure hope so otherwise I am not a very happy camper.

Only time will tell I guess. Do me a favor and go backup right now since you won’t remember tomorrow and then it might be too late already. The Plugin will walk you through this step by step so even beginners can follow along without a glitch.