Sometimes I feel I get so overloaded that I overlook the main reason I have started working online – provide additional comfort to my family!

This past week I have taken pretty much entire week to do some family chores and enjoy as much time with my wife and kids as possible! And since we did it without leaving anywhere it was a bit challenging but manageable!

Vacation at home is possible – how do you take those?

This post is really short and designed to be used as quick brain storming session with you – my reader. How do you personally take advantage of all that is available in your local area and keep in mind, visiting places with kids one of whom is toddler is not easy for the daddy 🙂

In this past week we managed to:

  • … spend time on the beach
  • … spend one day in Ocean Breeze water park in Virginia Beach on paddle boards
  • … spend day in Bush Gardens (Williamsburg)
  • … going again to the beach in just couple hours from now!

And here is my family and I in Bush Gardens:


Needless to say that day in picture above, while being a blast – is not too restful 🙂

So, here is my question – How Do You Take Vacation at Home? What did you do last time?

Take it away!