I have been plagued by this error message “URL Is Not Valid and Cannot Be Loaded” from my Firefox for last 10 days or so with no solution. Well lo and behold – solution turned out to be extremely simple!

If you have seen message like this when you try to access any random links in Firefox:


…than read on for Stupidly Simple Solution I have found!

I have searched all over the place trying to find the issue and find a solution, a few suggestions I have found were pointing to possible extension or a theme so I decided to take simple steps:

  1. Disabled All Add-Ons
  2. Uninstalled ALL Add-Ons
  3. Started Installed them back – one at the time, testing after each!

Turns Out Latest Google Toolbar add-on is what was causing the issues! On that note – Google Toolbar is GONE from both Firefox and Internet Exploder.