blogging personalitiesSome bloggers can be a funny breed of people. On my travels across cyberspace I have seen a lot of different personalities. These personalities can often fit into one of the following descriptions below.

The leading blogger

The leading blogger is what many of you refer to as the guru. He is commonly seen as the man/woman with the money and control over his/her domain.

As it happens, leading bloggers rule the roost. If they say jump, people jump. If a leading blogger states that “vanilla ice” is the coolest thing since sliced bread – guess what – it will be for most of his avid fans and followers.

The common blogger

The common blogger is the person who takes everything the leading blogger says at face value, without questions. This type of blogger usually just goes about his/her ways without putting too much thought into things. He or she is happy to be part of the scene.

The bully blogger

This is the blogger who usually engages into online slandery, be it out of jeliousy, anger, frustration, or simply because he or she is a bully at heart.

Some people seem to think that the Internet can be used as a playground to do their dirty mud fights. Naturally it only needs a tiny spark of aggravation and the fight takes centre stage.

The opposition blogger

Opposed to just bullying others’ for the sake of bullying this type of blogger loves to stick his teeth into the leading blogger because he hates his guts. Besides being a stickler for putting the leading blogger into an embarrasing situation he also likes the idea of ruling the roost himself, but hasn’t quite won the heart’s or trust of the common blogger yet.

The assassin blogger

The assassin operates under the cover of darkness. He travels the Interwebs cloaked with a black hat and he doesn’t give a damn if he leaves a trail of victims along the way. He is seldom caught, nor spotted in full light which makes it very hard to pinpoint by most people.

The trendsetting blogger

These are the cool people of the Internet. Bloggers who set new trends, either via an accidental discovery, a new product/service launch, or because of their bubbling and happy personality. The trendsetting blogger usually has a large group of followers clustered around him and loves to interact with his fans.

The lazy blogger

True to his name, the lazy blogger is just that, too lazy to bother with updating his blog frequently.

The entrepreneur blogger

Entrepreneur bloggers have found a way to monetize their blog to help them earn money online. They often outsource their content needs to service providers to help them spend more quality time with their loved ones. Entrepreneur bloggers are some of the smarter bloggers around, because they know it takes money to make money.

The money-for-nothing blogger

This type of blogger sets up a large number of niche blogs, then drives traffic to his sites (or not!), and sits back to cash in on the profits once visitors to the site click on his ads.

The oblivious blogger

The oblivious bogger doesn’t give a damn about the blogosphere. He just blogs. He doesn’t care about politics, money, readers, traffic, etc.

What type are you?

Do you fit any of the above personality types? If not, let me know your type below.