Now here is a cool tool that will delight photo and space lovers alike. Tag Galaxy is a new German based tagging site that lets you search the world with tags of your choice. To start off you type a name into the tag field. For this example I used the name “money”.


When you hit go, related tags will float around the main tag (your search) to compliment the results. The whole system is designed like you are looking at planets in the universe. It is so cool, they even float and rotate.

This is how it looks. In the middle you see the big fat orange planet, that is the money planet. Around this there are penny, currency, coin, coins, macro, dollar, cash, bill and currency planets floating about tranquil and fascinating.

tag galaxy

If you click on any of the planets it will return hundreds and thousands of images from Flickr. It is obvious that the results are based on the tags in which the images are labeled with at Flickr.

To see the images related to the planet bill, all I did was click on the bill planet which then revealed another solar system with the bill being the main planet.


The next step is to click on the bill planet and this will open up a new ball with thousands of images stuck to it. It looks kind of like a disco ball to be honest and whenever you hover over an image you like, the ball will rotate to show you the image slide head on.

If you click on the image you can even see a description of the image itself (taken from Flickr).

tag galaxy images

Tag Galaxy is a fun tool as well as a cool way to spend some time to gaze into space. The inventors have certainly invested some time and effort into this software/code, or however it is done.

tag galaxy results

tag galaxy image pop up

Hope you will love this tool as much as I do. It does slow down the system a bit after some playing as I have noticed. I guess there is a lot of data contained within, so it does make sense.

However, if you look for some fun play, then Tag Galaxy might just entertain you for a while.