memorial-dayToday is the day we remember those fallen in service of this great country, heroes who made ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedom. Freedom guaranteed by the supreme law of the land – United States Constitution.

People who fought in multiple wars and skirmishes around the globe and ultimately have given the most important thing they had – their life to protect and defend the freedom they have believed in with the very core of their being. Just or unjust doesn’t matter as their act of personal sacrifice for what they believed was right doesn’t becomes any smaller!

And today is the day we have to make sure their sacrifice will not be wasted!

It pains me to see how the very law that guarantees the freedom for each and everyone of us and defended to the last breath by those we remember today is being blatantly destroyed by few chosen to represent us!

And no, this post is not to bash democrats or republicans, it is not to attack liberals or conservatives of this country but to address us all collectively – as Americans.

“American Dream” while being originated in US is something that serves as ultimate goal in great many places around the world. It represents the lifestyle based on freedom of choices and ability to define your own future. Ability to succeed no matter of your birth right and it is something that inspires people each and every day.

And it is a dream guaranteed to us by the very Constitution that people we remember today have died defending!

This country is one of the greatest “Historical Experiments” (The 5000 Year Leap: A Miracle That Changed the World) that managed to succeed due to careful consideration that went into creation of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights. But have you tried to evaluate how each new law passed by “our representatives” over last few years, especially since 9/11 corresponds to those documents?

How Many Of The Freedoms Defined by Forefathers Will Be Left To Our Children?

  • When is it a time to tell those chosen to represent us to stop destroying the very core of this country?
  • To stop putting their personal agenda ahead of the very law they were chosen to uphold?
  • To stop disregarding moral principals in order to achieve personal gains?
  • To stop putting interest of the special groups ahead of those they represent?
  • To stop ignoring the voice of the people and push agenda of the party they belong to?
  • To stop putting personal re-election ahead of the constituents interests?

How many more generations we have left before this “Historical Experience” becomes a shadow of its past greatness if not complete failure brought by the greed of corrupt politicians?

  1. I think today is an important day to open the US Constitution and from this day forth (if you haven’t before) evaluate how your local, state and federal representatives ACT TO UPHOLD that law?
  2. Do they vote according to the letter of the law or are they willing to compromise it in order to achieve some hidden agenda?

We still have a time and a chance to ensure that our kids inherit a country they can be proud off! Next time when it is an opportunity for us to cast our vote we need to stop doing it along the party lines, religious associations or racial ties.

It is a time to disregard superficial, act based on what is important to all Americans and choose people that are actually willing to uphold and enforce the Constitution and not those pushing their personal agenda or represent some political clan or what is even worse special interest group!

It is time to ensure that this great country remains a beacon of freedom.

It is our RESPONSIBILITY and not just a RIGHT to ensure that we don’t just dedicate the day to remember the heroes but also guarantee that legacy they have died protecting will live through generations and our kids will continue to enjoy it!

Happy Memorial Day America!

I’m done rambling and will appreiciate your feedback!