Man time is flying… seems like just yesterday Mert Erkal has released his first issue of the Bloghology that highlights the real bloggers, people just like you and me and allows us to have a sneak pick at what makes people to blog. A great Free Report I highly recommend you have a look at.

Well, second edition of Bloghology was released a few days ago and I managed to get into that one and had an opportunity to share my thoughts…

And I wasn’t alone. Quite a few people has made it into a new edition and will enjoy the benefits of additional exposure to a new readers, more traffic but perhaps more importantly – provided an opportunity to share their personal message across blogpsphere! Download your Free Copy Below!

Download March 2008 Bloghology

And as always – with this report being out – Mert will be looking for new bloggers for next report. With limited number of people you might want to jump on the offer and register for next edition!