palm-pre-webosPalm Pre with its slick WebOS is already marked by some as “iPhone Killer”. Quite frankly I don’t even use iPhone and the whole news and hype surrounding the new offering from the Palm is only interesting for me from an observer standpoint.

I do know that Palm Pre all of a sudden became hot topic of many conversations on the web and Google blog search reports over 80 blogs talking about it right now.

Sprint who will be one of the companies offering the new phone create a dedicated page for the people interesting to have one. Luckily – I have a video with new Palm Pre and its WebOS demonstration. Check it out!

As someone who used Palm OS in the past I have to say – this looks quite interesting. Will the Palm Pre become iPhone killer? I don’t think so! From technology perspective – maybe but from human perspective – it is hard to beat the dedication of Apple fans!