Guest post by a pro-blogger and WordPress plugin author Nicola Jankovic:

Wordpress Affiliate ClickBank PluginI’ve used a lot of different affiliate marketing methods and find one of them to be the most effective.

Article marketing is cool, except the article directory gets to keep all the ad revenue and they are getting more particular about what articles they accept.

Review sites are OK, but does anyone really trust the reviews they read on those sites anymore? Most people know by now that review sites are just disguised sales pitches and aren’t honest reviews.

Social media is fun, but it has its limits. It’s more about socializing, less about doing business. Sure, you can make connections there but at the end of the day the lion’s share of your profits likely isn’t coming from social media. Social media sites are not the most important place on the web.

So what is?

Your own blog. In my opinion, there’s nothing like having your own blog, especially if you use WordPress. WordPress makes blogging much easier and more effective.

Your blog is your castle. YOU get to decide which content to put on it and don’t have to wait a week for someone else to approve it. YOU get to keep your ad revenue. If you use Google Adsense, however, chances are it’s more like Google Adcents. And don’t get me started on Google slaps.

That’s why it’s more effective to promote affiliate products on your blog rather than rely on Adsense. Affiliate commissions have a much higher payout than ad clicks.

One option is to have a “blog sponsor” section in your sidebar. Place ads here (preferably with eye-catching graphics rather than just text) that link to select affiliate products and also your own products if you have any.

Another option is to occasionally write a blog post that promotes an affiliate product. The posts should contain solid content in addition to the sales pitch. Write the post as if you were talking to a friend so that it doesn’t come across as too sales-y.

Don’t forget to have an opt-in form on your blog so that you can collect the email addresses of your blog readers. You can occasionally promote affiliate products through email to your list. You should also send out emails that contain helpful, engaging content. You can use your blog posts as content but you should also use original content in your emails too. Mix it up.

There’s one type of text ad that I highly recommend and that’s WordPress Affiliate plugin that automatically inserts professional-looking ads for Clickbank products on your blog.

Wordpress Affiliate ClickBank Plugin