Thanksgiving is a day when we say our thanks to people we love, care about and those around us. I have too much to thank for this year and I have decided to do a slight variation.

There is simply no way I can easily thank everyone who helped me in my life, with my business and enclose it into words so I have decided to separate and split šŸ˜€ . I’ll be celebrating tomorrow with my friends and family and chances are will not get to my blog so I wanted today to say

Thank You All for

  • …choosing to read my blog
  • …commenting on my blog
  • …choosing to subscribe to my ezine
  • …purchasing one of my products
  • …providing feedback and critique
  • …helping me develop while providing services other people need

This is just a short list of many thanks I would like to share. And a gift! Jack Humphrey just released a new software Blog Talk Monitor that allows you keep track of conversations you are interested in. Conversations you can quickly participate in and establish your authority – but you better watch the free video.

Blog Talk Monitor is a great tool for bloggers and after some initial testing I can gladly recommend you download it for free!

Happy Thanksgiving!