Actually it seems like a lot longer then a week. Lots of things have happened since my last post and I wanted to share some of the personal experiences during that time but first…

Merry Christmas!

This one is way overdue but I was unable to publish it at appropriate time due to circumstances. And now I can move into the week in review – or rather where I have been and what I have done in the past few days!

Entire last week I have spent on family vacation, which was planned and scheduled a few month ago. An experience of Disney World that I hope our kids can appreciate as it is not something I’m willing to repeat 🙂

It was a blast but not something I’m willing to do too often!


As expected from a 5 star resort that demands its price – stay was immaculate! To say that it was great would be an understatement and I can only give kudos to Cypress Harbor Resort for the superb maintenance of the 2 bedroom unit I have rented with a family for a week.

Also helped and once of the main reasons for the choice is that it was only 10 min away from Sea World and about 20 minutes away from Disney World. Superb location, great resort – excellent way to start your vacation!

Arabian Nights Show

I simply had to write about this one. A most expensive microwaved dinner I have ever paid for! And I wouldn’t mind the price I paid for crappy food that was served if it was not accompanied by a horrible imitation of a circus on horses.

Perhaps I was spoiled by a dzhigitovka skill I have seen in Russian circus but I did expect more from a specialized horse riding show. What we got is a bunch of “wanna be cowboys and cowgirls” riding around and changing costumes frequently. Quite pathetic experience that spoiled my night. Maybe its only their Christmas show that is so bad but it is one I have seen and will never recommend it to a friend. Those “performers” should really learn at least some trick riding if not for self respect but to at least deliver the value for money that people paid!

Sea World

An experience I think everyone should enjoy at least once. Just the Shamu Show in itself is well worth the entire visit. As someone who have seen killer whales in the wild and witnessed how easily they can rip apart large animals – I can say that this show is a MUST SEE.

Seeing the level of respect both people and whales displayed in that show is truly amazing and in itself is worse the price of admission to the park, not counting multiple other attractions.

Disney World

As someone who was not raised on the Disney I obviously don’t hold same level of love as people born and raised in US and for me – it is just another Theme Park. But theme park with a scale I have not seen before and organization that I find amazing!

I have to say that it is a great experience no matter if you have any feelings for Disney as a phenomena or not as it provides fun and joy for everyone. Rides that are not only fun but also educational and imaginative.

Our kids had a blast and my we have enjoyed it almost as much even though parks were crowded. But it is a Christmas vacation time so it was expected by us. We did do our proper planning each night before going to the park and managed to get through all the most popular rides BEFORE it became too crowded and then enjoy the rest of the day at out pace. Planning should not be overlooked when approaching Disney Parks!

  • Animal Kingdom was our first day visit and even though weather was slightly chilly for Orlando – it was the best park of them all! Safari ride was great and even our baby boy enjoyed this park. As we have learned later it was also one park where food was exception to the rule. We had a launch in some Chinese restorant and although not cheap, it was great and didn’t require prior reservations.
  • Magic Kingdom while been one of the biggest didn’t bring same amount of joy to us. Our older son loved the rides and even little one likes the Peter Pan and couple others we managed to get on but the crowds kill any magic in my opinion. We did get a few pictures with characters and hit the rides and all I can say – our kids like it 🙂
  • Epcot – was our last stop and one that was both fun and educational. I think its great how they manage to make even the wait in line an educational experience. We also managed to hit most of the rides in this one and our older son had a heck of a time! Great park but beware – if you are planning to eat your launch there, make reservations in advance or your only option will be the fast food crap.

In summary – the entire visit was a blast although tiring. On minus side – food quality in Disney leave more to be desired with a few exceptions. I was also quite pissed about not been able to get normal food without prior reservations. To me it simply sucks considering that park is public and I had no idea I needed reservations.

Hmm, perhaps I talk too much about food here but when you are running around, having fun – launch or whatever you call you food break is a time to relax, enjoy a meal and regroup for next hop of the fun. And I don’t enjoy the fast food joints.

Vacation was a blast and now I’m back to work!

I know I have slacked for lat couple weeks and didn’t deliver the eZine but I will resume. Too many things happening in a short period and I got slightly off balance.