I use gmail to aggregate emails from ALL my email accounts for a several different reasons:

  • One login location to access all my emails
  • Over 6Gb of storage space, never need to worry about space
  • Custom filters allow me to move incoming emails into separate labels to make processing simpler

And when I attempted to login this morning I was presented with New Cool Feature – Send email dated in past!

Before I even begin to describe anything else – have a look at the image I seen this morning…


Now, tell me – How Cool Is That?

Not that I need to use the feature but I simply think that making that option available (however useless it might be) is simply awesome. Since I use gmail mainly for my personal and online business needs I think it is time to play a prank on couple of my friends Cool and test the limitations of the new feature – they do mention you are only given 10 emails per year