focus on solutionsI usually avoid watching videos online because they have this habit of stealing essential time during my working hours. Since every Tom, Dick & Harry publishes videos these days it is hard to avoid them. I’m a lover of the visual, I love reading content, rather than watching a video because it keeps me glued to my laptop. But that’s just me…

When I received an invite from a business associate to go and watch Eben Pagan’s latest video training I did – and boy am I glad for doing so. Eben Pagan is one of the shining stars of online marketing, and he beats Frank Kern in the guitar playing stakes any day (sorry Frank). Here is the link to the video(s):

Please note that you will have to opt-in to his list. I recommend you do, because the information in these videos is rock solid for any budding online marketer.

Eben’s # 1 tip – It’s not about you

That’s right. Too many of us focus on ourselves when we market online. We boast about our expertise, our experience and our ability. Scrap that! At the very least take the focus away from YOU, and put it back where it belongs – on the customer.

Eben’s # 2 tip – Provide solutions, not suggestions

Eben says that there is something fundamentally wrong with Internet marketing, because most information products are being created wrong from the ground up. This comes as no surprise to me. It is easy to get sucked up into the “auntie voice,” the voice where we tend to give suggestions because it’s what we are taught by watching others’ do the same. In order to help people we write tutorials, guides, record videos and tell the reader/listener what to do next.

There is nothing wrong by trying to be helpful, but if you want to make money online you need to understand the subtle differences between suggestions and solutions, since one of them is your key to the golden door. If you look around, you will see that most of the information available online is based on people’s suggestions. Rarely do they solve an urgent problem for the reader – this is what’s fundamentally wrong with a lot of information products.

The buying customer usually experiences:

  • pain
  • frustration
  • anger
  • fear
  • insecurity
  • needs
  • urgency
  • etc.

By creating your info products with solutions in mind you will see a better ROI for your time.

Aim to become a master solver

In order to really hit the nail on the head fair and square we must aim to become master solvers to a problem that is still present in the world right now. If you can find that niche (think small), a small (in the bigger scheme of things) group of people who is actively seeking answers to their problem you stand to make a lot of money if you focus on solutions.

Why your niche sucks

One of the most obvious reasons your niche site sucks is because you haven’t built it with solutions in mind. I made the same mistake with some of mine and now I realize why they stand idle. I made the mistake of “picking the niche” rather than finding it. It is so IMPORTANT to distinguish between the two ways that it will be the make or break of your online career.

What’s really sad is the fact that I paid thousands of dollars for personalized niche coaching from a well-known marketer who told me to pick a niche. After watching Eben’s FREE videos I know better and will never make that same mistake again. If your niche sites are currently floundering, you owe it to yourself to go and take a look at his videos.

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