I’m about to commit what can be seen as sacrilege for a man leaving in US – I’m going to admit that I DIDN’T Watch the Super Bowl yesterday! Yep, I said it…

But quite honestly I’m a fan of hockey and even though I live in US for quite a few years – I never got into American Football. But I do love the day after super bowl, since the YouTube was invented! Some of the best commercials shown during the game and now I don’t have to watch the game itself just to see them!

I have to say that reviewing the commercials for this year’s game I found only 2 or 3 that drew my attention:

Bud Light Wheel SucksProves that greatest invention given to wrong people does no good!

E-Trade Babythis one was simply great and I only picked the first one for one reason – it was innovative, while second builds on first.