Comotovate is a brand new online beta website that has been designed to bring together like minded people to help motivate each other. The platform has been launched in Australia but is available to the world. I like the idea of being able to connect with like minded others and share the journey to the top together, whatever your common goals might be.

How Comotivate works

The ingrained database of Comotivate will match you with a suitable buddy according to the goals you want to achieve. When you sign up for free with the system you will be asked to select a goal from an existing pull down menu.


If there isn’t a suitable goal to match your needs you can also suggest a new goal. Currently there are goals such as:

  • Beat addiction
  • Lose weight
  • Gain weight
  • Get fit
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce debt
  • Get a job
  • Learn a skill
  • Find happiness
  • Pass exam
  • Regain health
  • Train for event
  • Start business

Once your details are entered into the data base you will be matched with suitable partners who share the same goals as you. You can also share things through the admin interface which is great to keep a network of like minded people close at heart.

Since so many people struggle with all kinds of things in their lives, I think Comotivate definitely offers a great service that could become very popular in the next few month. You can:

  • Use a range of tools on the site to track your progress, share video, images and encouragement to help each team member along the way.
  • Be selective over who you buddy with, how you’re matched and how long your goal runs.
  • Complete your goal and celebrate your success with a certificate of achievement.
  • Build a private home page of personal information relating to the goals you’ve met.

Comotivate Teams

With this platform you can build your own teams of people. There is no limit as to how many people are within a team, the world is your oyster. I’m thinking, why not create a team for people who want to achieve the same things you already have achieved. That is thinking outside the box and could easily become your most powerful networking tool.

By helping others, you help yourself in the end. The sky is unlimited with Comotivate since there are already many ways to get matched with others.

If you are a team leader you can remove buddies too if they don’t pull their weight or they happen to lose interest. The whole system is interactive and offers many options in how you interact with each other.

Your information stays private too, unless you want to share more with each other. Once you are signed up you can create your own team page to share info about you.

Close Matching

Because you control on how close you will be matched with others, you can be as good a fit as you choose to be. If you know fitting team members you can invite them via email too.

There are three ways to build teams with Comotivate:

  1. Open Teams can be joined by anyone without approval.
  2. Closed Teams require permission to join from the owner or manager.
  3. Private Teams are invisible to anyone who hasn’t been invited to that team.

To see what else Comotivate can do for you, check out their site.