We all know that blogging is important whether it is for a small business, a big corporation or the individual online marketer that is looking to make a living off his blog. The question is how often to blog. Is there a clear rule for this? Personally I don’t think so and it will all depend on some personal taste and requirements. Below I will list some factors will influence your blogging frequency and I hope that it will help you take the best decision.

Blogging Style

It will all depend on your type of post. If you are more into analysis rather than news reporting, it will require much more time to create a blog post. This mean your readers will be more inclined to accept a well-constructed post even if it is once a week rather than a quick and superfluous covering of a news event. On the other hand if you run a news site your readers will be more interested in getting the news first and regularly. In summary the amount of posts that you make will depend on the type of readers that you have.

Stay consistent

You should stay consistent at all time. If you choose to post, say daily it is important that you stay faithful to this habit. The reason is that your readers will be expecting to find a new post at this appointed time and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them. However you should be ready to increase your blogging frequency in case of a major event. For instance if you run a sport blog we will expect to find an increase in posting during the Olympic Games.

SEO purposes

We all know that fresh content is important for SEO purposes and updating your blog regularly will just encourage the search engines bots to visit your site frequently. At the same time, a blog will allow you to make use of various keywords on your site and go for the long-tail searches. This may lead to a better ranking in the search engine and also increase traffic for your site.

All in all, your blogging frequency will depend on your blogging niche and also on the type of readers that you have. The key here is to make sure that you give your readers what they are looking for. You may try to post a certain number of times and then increase it if you feel there is a demand from your visitors.

I’m done with the writing now and it’s now your turn. Use the comment form below to tell us about your blogging frequency and how you came to this.

Guest Post By: Charles Borromeo is the writer behind Justice-Explained.com, a site devoted to explain legal questions in layman’s terms. He is also a passionate blogger during his free time.