free online backup servicesIf you want peace of mind when handling your computer files you absolutely must backup your work every now and then. Preferably every day.

Buying an external hard drive is really no big deal these days as you can pick up a 250GB drive for less than $100 in most places.

But if money is an issue for you, then the following 5 online cloud servers will allow you to back up your data, and sleep better at night.

1. offers you 1GB of free space on their server should you wish to back up your most important files. In the bigger scheme of things 1GB is nothing, today we reach critical mass by downloading a few eBooks, files and videos and already we reach the storage limit.

If money is short and you are forced to limit yourself to choosing the most important 1GB of files on your machine you’ll soon learn to distinguish between clutter and files that matter.


Known as one of the most popular online backup services, Mozy is favored by many marketers because of the generous 2GB free server space. Theoretically you could sign up for a few free accounts by registering as several people (mum, dad, siblings, etc.) Just make sure you get their consent before you do.

3. SugarSync

SugarSync also offers 2GB of free server space to you. Because of the dual compatibility between Windows PCs and Mac you can use this cloud-based software to sync all of your computers, regardless where you are in the world. Great for people who are in the habit of taking work home from their job.

Update: They also offer a 30-day free trial for you (thanks Chris Roberts for mentioning this).

4. ElephantDrive

ElephantDrive is another provider offering you free space on their server. You get 1GB of space for your most precious files. Never underestimate the opportunities that present themselves to you with these services. A real organized person could run their whole business with free online backup services by organizing everything into folders. I must admit I wouldn’t bother with the hassle of running several free services, but some people who are strapped for cash might think otherwise.

5. eSnips

The cream of the crop is eSnips. They give you a massive 5GB of free space for sharing your pics, files and more. Your imagination will be the one thing stopping you from making the most of this free service.

There you have it, 5 free online backup and file sharing services for people with little or no money to spend. You should also note that each of the above site will also sell you backup data space on their servers for a range of prices, depending on how much space you need. Visit them to find out.

Feel free to share your favorite free backup services with us.