2010 Winter storm hit South East, specifically Virginia Beach with a very expected consequences:

  • Public school system shut down and my son got himself extra couple days off (so far..)
  • Entire region in panic mode
  • Roads are horrible since nobody is ever prepared for the snow

But perhaps best of all and my favorite – people got to enjoy the snow! It will be a short lived fun for sure since the temperatures are already going into plus category and snow will melt – right now it is a blast for kids!

Here are a few pictures I took right outside the house…

1. That is me caught by my wife while getting some of the snow off the driveway, right in the middle of the first day with snow storm still going…

2. A rare view of the street cover in snow:

This is the first time we got so much snow since 2004 when we had a similar storm and last time it lasted couple weeks. I wonder how long it will be this time…

I do know one thing for sure – my kids LOVE the opportunity to play in the snow and little one seeing the snow for the first time.

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