On pages of “WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er” I do my best to present meaningful information to help you build your own blog based on my favorite platform WordPress and make it a truly interactive Web 2.0 portal. Helping people proves to be beneficial not only to the blog itself (rewards via steady traffic and increasing readership) but also to many visitors.

But as everyone else I need to take some time off during this month and will be spending the last week of December in ski resort with a limited time that I can dedicate to the blog itself. Calling on anyone interested to become a guest blogger!

If you blog on similar topics that can be seen by categories listed on a sidebar I invite you to participate as guest blogger and enjoy the benefits of increased exposure to your blog, shared traffic and recognition of your name.

  • To see an example of guest blog post please see one posted by Marco Richter4 Alternative WordPress Editors. I would also love if the guest blogger will have an image next to credit to give you even more exposure and no more the 2 links within the credits.

Each blogger will be provided with an account that will allow you to create a post and while I’m most interested in guest blog posts during the week of December 21 through 28 I’ll be more then happy to talk about more permanent arrangements and possible blog posts exchange.

If you are interested – please use contact form and let me know what topic you would be interested to blog on and your blog URL.

UPDATE: I appreciate everyone who volunteered to help me during my week of vacation. Right now I have enough confirmed guest bloggers! If you would like to contribute at some point a guest post to this blog – you are more then welcome and please use same form above for consideration.