produc_group_small.jpgIt’s been nearly 4 month since Web 2.0 Wealth product was made available for purchase. I would like to thank everyone who took advantage of the offer and purchased it during this period and especially for all the feedback I have received. That feedback is what actually led to this announcement and a change…

On February 15 Web 2.0 Wealth Product goes up in price to $97

After evaluating competition and receiving multiple statements from my customers that I “under-sell” the product at its current price, I have decided to increase it to the originally intended amount. If you are still considering the purchase I want to use this chance to outline some features not advertised ANYWHERE…

Web 2.0 Wealth has grown quite a bit from its original design and expanded based on feedback and requests while still retaining same level of support I have offered to my customers. Here are some of the features not mentioned on sales page:

1. Web 2.0 Wealth Additional Training

additional-training.jpgAfter releasing the initial product it became obvious that certain topics needed to be discussed in more detail. I wanted to share and provide some additional benefits to existing customer and created a new section – Additional Training, available to all members at no cost.

Series of videos that cover multiple subjects and help people to earn from their blogs, drive traffic or simply maintain their blog. Here is a list of what is currently available, with new video just been added last weekend:

  • Upgrade Video and all files – designed for legacy customers to allow seamless transition to the latest version of the blog. With every major upgrade I provide a video and files required to upgrade it from previous version and explain the differences introduced.
  • Stay Safe! Backup your blog – all about process of creating a backup of your blog to ensure no loss of data during upgrade or due to something unexpected.
  • WordPress Code and Plugins Upgrade – keeping your blog current is imprtant for security and performance. This video guides you through process step-by-step.
  • Dominating Google – some would call it SEO but it really is a lot less, I simply provide basics that help me grab top results in Google for very competitive keywords.
  • Article Marketing – tried and true techniques that helps me and a resource to use that is not marketed too much for the purpose of SE rankings.
  • VE – $7 at the time. Simple and yet very effective means to earn from your blog.
  • Alternative Spam Defense – just added video that shows how to switch to Akismet and Math Protection anti-spam defense, instead of Spam Karma 2. This was requested by several customers and provided with detailed step on integration.

Over an hour of extra videos that are not even mentioned on sales page!

2. Members Only Forums

Peer-to-peer support and ideas exchange where I take a big part in resolving issues and helping with what goes beyond initial product. Wealth of information generated by bloggers from multiple walks of life.

This is not a forum filled with marketing but with a true helpful information and ideas exchange. Not too busy to require your daily attention it developed into a great community. 1141 posts generated with more then 50% of that not idle chat but actual info you can use!

Forum has not only information but also unique rewards for participation. But to be part of it – you have to be a customer!

3. VIP Option

An option introduced about 2 month after product launch due to multiple requests. No matter how much info I shared – many customers requested more information or support that goes beyond initial product scope. VIP membership has proven to be an affordable option that great many took advantage of!

Hint -ONLY on first login into the system after W2.0W purchase you will get chance to get it at big discount. But since this membership build on existing W2.0W product – the only way to access it is after purchasing the product.


Price point of $97 was determined a while back but I kept on delaying to set it so I could get a good feel on how it will be received. After seeing offers by some of my competitors I know that $97 is a well justified price considering the amount of information provided, value options available and continues support my customers receive.

Set the date: February 15 – price goes up to $97.

Get the Web 2.0 Wealth product while you can at its current price of $67 and if you need to see some of the feedback by existing customers, visit sales page updated with fresh feedback and these posts on my blog:

Reserve your seat now!