produc_group_small.jpgWordPress 2.5 introduced huge changes to the administrative interface and functionality. Since my product – Web 2.0 Wealth is not only pre-packaged blog with all the plugins tested and integrated but also a series of educational videos to guide people through the maze of option – I get a lot of questions on version.

Perhaps this announcement will help some people: Web 2.0 Wealth product is upgraded to WordPress 2.5+.

What exactly does it mean to my new and existing customers?

Actually quite simple…

  • Any new customer purchasing the product will get access to the video tutorial series that is updated to address all the changes that come with WordPress 2.5+
  • Newly updated video tutorials are a bit longer but that is due to the fact that I have added information that many of my customers requested. Such as more detailed guidelines on some steps or simply added steps to address parts that customers seem to have an issue with. Idea was to make the tutorials most complete and simpler to follow.
  • Report that accompanies the product was also reworked to address some requested expressed by customers and make it more valuable resource.
  • And of course the core blog is brought to the most current version of WordPress – 2.5.1 as of the time of this writing.

All existing customers were also provided with a tutorial and upgrade path. I have to admit that some had a few issues but we managed to resolve them as they were rather simple.

Have you joined the team? Well, what are you waiting for? Here is your invite:

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