produc_group_small.jpgIt’s been almost 2 weeks since I have announced recruitment of Beta Testers Group for my brand new product “Web 2.0 Wealth Unleashed”. My deepest gratitude goes out to each and every person taking part in testing and providing me with such a superb and detailed reports.

Several minor issues were identified and couple small bugs that I was able to address in final version and one issue was reported by a tester on Mac, which I and couple of my friends who have Mac’s were unable to duplicate …

As result of feedback I have actually increased the amount of information included in final version and all thanks to beta group! You guys are simply awesome!!!

To anyone who didn’t make it into beta group but is a member of my list I promise to make a great deal, when product released on August 14 at 9 AM EST, so you can too take advantage of information I share within and get a chance to accomplish what Beta group has. Not on my list? No problem!

Click here to subscribe and get free report and watch for my emails around August 12-16!

But enough talking and I would like to leave the floor for members of my Beta group. No comment from this group will be removed and you can actually get the full scoop! Learn what people really think – good and bad included!

I only ask from beta testers not to disclose specific monetization model described in my system and be honest in your comments. Also please provide a link to your blog created using my system – show off your accomplishments!