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Create A Blog With Expert WordPress For FREE

exwp-group-medExpert WordPress is re-opening its doors today and I welcome your feedback because this time we going ALL OUT!

Our most prized and raved about custom WordPress installer is ABSOLUTELY FREE now!

We are giving back to community that gave us so much and we welcome if you spread the word!

There are a few things I need to mention on it and describe in detail but one thing I can promise – you will love the package or your money back guaranteed! Well, hold on… Did I mention that it’s free?! What you waiting for? Go get it or read the details on why…

What You Get As Free Expert WordPress Member?

This is a fair question! And one I simply MUST answer as it also impacts our previous customers and I’ll explain that in details below.

  • Expert WordPress Free Download comes with blog installer, the complete package that enables even absolutely non-technical person to install the blog. Better yet – it allows you to install a blog with plugins that we have tested for compatibility and determined to be MUST HAVE for every blogger, already installed, activated and configured – HUGE TIME SAVER, even if you already know how to do it. It takes me on average 4 min to install a blog using our package!
  • But we don’t stop there! We also provide a custom theme with installer that our customers love so much. Theme is activated and configured for you during the install and no extra interaction from you. It gives you an ability to very easily customize nearly every single aspect of the blog without EVER touching the HTML, php or any other “scary” code.
  • Every free member also gets 2 videos that show you step-by-step entire install process and second videos outlines all the unique features of the blog created as result. Videos has proven over the period time to enable even complete novices to have blog up and running. I do recommend you consider and upgrade if you are novice! I promise it will be worth it for you but more on it later.
  • Community Forum is also part of what you get when you decide to download our Expert WordPress installer package. Before this forum was also used as big part of our support system and I can guarantee that among the hundreds of existing posts you will find an answer to your problem! Forum is for peer-to-peer support only and our best effort from now on – paying customers get direct access to us via support system we provide.

There is a caveat with free membership…

You get the package as is and while you are free to do with it as you like – we provide no support for it. I can tell you that package is almost exactly same as our paying customers get so it is 100% tested and it is only missing the custom headers but you will have to either upgrade for support or get it rolling on your own. On plus side – with 2 videos we provide it is easy!

What Does It Mean For Current Customers?

Many of you already know that product was made available first on July of 2008 and has pretty much nothing but rave reviews. Product was initially available with 2 membership levels:

  • EWP Gold at $27 and
  • EWP Platinum at $97 as One Time Offer or $167 as upgrade option later

You can read full details on those levels here but main point of this sentence is we got a lot of feedback! Feedback we had to act on and here are some of the main points:

  • Gold level wasn’t quite enough
  • OTO discount was steep and then not available, people wanted an option to evaluate the product before upgrade
  • Upgrade price was too high for many bloggers

And we have acted on your feedback not only to enhance the product but also to make it more available!

Besides the free membership there is only ONE MEMBERSHIP level now:

Expert WordPress Monthly!

New level is a lot more affordable now for the upfront purchase – only $47 for the first month and then $27 each month thereafter and it is the only way to get access to our support and a lot more. Here are just some of the highlights of the membership:

  • Several hours of video tutorials that cover every aspect I personally use to profit from blogs and drive massive traffic using all the available and proven to work options. This is the same Video Tutorials that were previously available to Platinum Members only
  • Monthly Niche Blogging Content: 200 Blog Posts (20 posts in 10 niches) accompanied by Pre-Written Comments and several guides that teach you how to take advantage of the Niche Blogs Content – build Niche Blogs Empire starting from day one. This is a PLR content for private use and I recommend people actually re-write it to make unique for the best results
  • Peer Promotion – Traffic Generator – Customers only peer promotion option, simply click to visit sites submitted before you, take an action on the page as described in instructions to send traffic and then input your own article url and see traffic grow exponential build on the combined effect of the Peer Promotion.
  • Monthly Support Webinars in which we will provide the answers to questions and problems submitted by existing customers and give you information you need to succeed, WHEN you need it! Each webinar will also have a presentation on most current trends, strategies, presentations from featured guests that will help you as blogger and direct training sessions.
  • Our premium support provided for as long as you remain our customer, which will include our personal help resolving issues encountered while using our product and continuing development of the blog system and updates as needed to the core scripts and videos.

I’m not going to dive into full details as there is quite a bit more but simply wanted to outline Major benefits of becoming paying customer. The upgrade page presented to you on first login will also have a HUGE amount of bonuses that will be available only to customers who upgrade from that offer, so please read carefully!

Upgrade Path:

  • EWP Platinum Members provided full access to new membership level at no cost as our way for saying thank you for being a customer. If you haven’t checked yet – login to your account and you have full access.
  • EWP Gold Members provided an upgrade option at discount. Initially we were giving an option to upgrade to Platinum Level at one time fee of $97 only till February 3rd but we extend this time frame to February 15 to be fair. Basically we are giving you the opportunity that Platinum members have to be grandfathered into new level at one time purchase! After February 15 the upgrade option will be monthly fee, sorry we have to be fair to everyone.

We believe that we provided a fair upgrade path for existing customers and if you have any comments – I welcome them here!

I also want to hear what you think about the new offer? Please comment below and pread the word!

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96 Responses to “Create A Blog With Expert WordPress For FREE”

  1. Sebastian says:

    I am excited that EWP now is available for free with a recurring upsale. Very cool stuff. I am already promoting it (again). Everybody grab your copy. 😀

    • TheSpotter says:

      Thanks Sebastian!

      Obviously we appreciate any help we can get for spreading the word! I think it is a great “back to community” gift that also allows you, as bloggers to earn in process.

  2. Dennis Edell says:

    Just too cool, thanks man. I’m all signed up and leaving the window up to check it all out when I finish some stuff. 🙂

    Dennis Edells last blog post..Free Backlinks: A Traffic Experiment via Commenting & Promotion

  3. Dean Hohn says:

    Hi Alex,

    You guys have done a great job on the upgrade. I look forward to going through and checking out all the new additions in detail.

    Once again, it’s value combined with a great product that will make EWP easy to promote.

    Dean Hohns last blog post..“Web Video Comp Entry”

  4. Dennis Edell says:

    Thanks! I’m emailing with a question or two. 🙂

    Dennis Edells last blog post..Free Backlinks: A Traffic Experiment via Commenting & Promotion

  5. Francois says:

    I am sure this program can and will work, unfortunately the upgrade price is way above my budget at his time.

    I will however use the free version and report on it oon.



  6. Xgrey says:

    Yep i love wordpress and i use it for all my blog

    the plugins help much

  7. Andrew says:

    Sounds great, the whole set is HUGE! So many useful things for a price that low … Sounds almost too good to be true. Anyway, once I fully explore the options available in the free version I might get the Gold.

  8. shark says:


    i am happy for this blog and try to read it usually Sunday

    and i love wordpress

    good luck

  9. Tony Lee says:

    I had a chance to view the and it looks interesting. I’ll download the install package and check it out.

    Tony Lees last blog post..GARMIN ZUMO 550 MOTORCYCLE GPS RECEIVER

  10. Hainan says:

    You are right I love your package and I am looking forward to using the new offer . I am trying to install the package. Thanks for sharing us.

    Hainans last blog post..Zhongshan Square Shenyang

  11. Jen says:

    Cool cool cool. Thanks! Also, I like how landing pages are using tweets for endorsements now. Good idea.

    Jens last blog post..It’s Like Rain On Your Wedding Day: Conservatives Biggest Porn Consumers

  12. sophia says:

    Sounds very good and I enjoy this package and I hope that early use of the new quotation so many useful this and Thank you for sharing us.


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