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WPSalesGraphic WordPress Plugin


WPSalesGraphic plugin allows you to quickly and easily create high impact graphics to use inside your blog posts and pages to improve conversions with impact. Enhance affiliate promotions, your own sales pages or just jazz-up your regular WordPress blog posts to engage readers and improve visitor retention. Simple to use with live preview this plugin allows you to turn your WordPress blog into a fully functional sales and lead generation tool with power packed performance! See full details and video demonstration.

How to Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile-Friendly

Making your blog or website mobile-friendly is especially easy to do when you’ve built your site with WordPress. With very little effort, you can have your blog looking great no matter which device you access it from.

Another benefit of making the switch to mobile friendly is that it could help your website rank higher in Google’s search results. When someone searches using a mobile device, the results will include a simple “Mobile friendly” tag next to your web address, letting users know that they will be able to access all of your content easily.

Here are a few ideas to help you make the move to mobile-friendly.

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Some of the Awesome WordPress Tricks We aren’t Aware of

WordPress is the open source bullet train whose exceptionally fast and consistently regular updates has its fan base moving through stations (the WP upgrades) so fast that most of us remain glued to what’s new to the package. Hence, we often forget to notice the bag of tricks it leaves around at different turns and corners.

Here are some of the awesome tricks that you might have missed:

Tricks to Speed it up Several Notches

Compress Your Website To Make It Load Faster!

Your website has a file size, and when someone visits it your website’s server transfers the webpage to the visitor’s device (PC, laptop, or any smart device). This is similar to transferring data between two devices, except this time it can be really long distances.

What if you reduce the file size of your website by 30%?

It will transfer faster, and hence load faster on your visitor’s device! And we know that faster loading times translate into higher retention rate, greater engagement, and more conversions.

Gzip compression allows your website pages to be compressed to 70% of their original size while transferring it. Will it reduce the quality of the website? Not at all! The browser on the user’s end will automatically decompress the page and display it in its original form.

Enable Gzip from your WordPress options page.

Access the page from Enable Gzip by changing the field value to 1 (default is 0).

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5 Easy Ways to Protect Your WordPress website against hacking attacks

As a developer-friendly and completely versatile content management system(CMS), WordPress has been used to power millions and millions of websites. But, security has always been a huge concern among WordPress website owners who are concerned about their site getting attacked by hackers. If you too are bothered about the hacker-proof status of your WordPress blog/website, this is a blog that will help you out. Here, I’ve created a round-up of some simple techniques that will help you in keeping your WordPress web portal safe and secure.

Refrain from using defaults for your WordPress website

Under a majority of cases, the hackers use defaults for implementing a brute-force attack. Hence, it is recommended to refrain from using the default username and password when it’s about the hosting account or software installation. Do remember to change the username and password for the website’s content management system as well as the hosting account.

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The Top 5 eCommerce Plugins for your WordPress Store

Setting up your online store with WordPress can be challenging, new, and exciting. This platform gives you several options for how to set up your online store, and several plugins that will make setting up your pages easy for your and for your customers. Here are the top 5 plugins for internet commerce stores.

WP eCommerce

This plugin helps you perform almost any function that you need for your business. WP eCommerce gives you several options for the layout of your site, as well as management of inventories, subscriptions, and digital downloads with full customization capabilities using HTML and CSS. No matter what your needs, this plugin will help you get them out to your customers. This plugin also has a very streamlined checkout method that will make checking out fast and easy for your customers. This plugin works great with almost all WordPress plugins and themes, and it gives your customers several options for payment, as well as working with several different payment processing companies.

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Finding the Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

WordPress has been used by business owners, bloggers and Internet-lovers for awhile now. The platform enables you to fully customize your site, add WordPress plugins to make the site more attractive and generally keep things as organized as possible. Whether you’re a blogger who’s making a small amount from your site or a very successful business owner, you may be interested to know that there are quite a few eCommerce themes available for your WordPress-run site. By knowing which plugins are the right options for you, you’ll be running a successful online store in no time.

How to Find the Right Shopping Themes

When it comes to finding the absolute best ecommerce plugin for WordPress, it’s important to look at customer ratings before anything else. To make a long story short, there are literally hundreds of plugins for your site that are all eCommerce-based. Unfortunately, not all of them are alike in what they can offer and how well they are going to fit your own shopping site. The plugin known as Woocommerce is one of the top downloaded ones from WordPress users. With a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0, you know you’re getting a great plugin that is going to enable you to create shopping carts, take orders and ensure that the site is fully secured.

Other than Woocommerce, there are many others that you might be interested in downloading and trying for yourself. Plugins such as WP E-Commerce, Simple Ecommerce, Cart66 and Jigoshop are all aimed to provide you with a shopping-based experience on your website. With these plugins, you can price merchandise, allow customers to add items to a secure cart and then checkout in a highly secured manner. Being able to do a simple download of a WordPress theme plugin is a lot easier than hiring a professional to customize your site for you so that you can begin taking orders.

How These Plugins Work

The great thing about WordPress plugins is that they are quite easy to download and begin using on your site right away. Once you find the ideal eCommerce plugin for you, it’s time to download it and customize it to fit your site’s needs. The wonderful thing about these plugins is that they are fully customizable, meaning that you can create a site that is unique to you. The plugins are also quite easy to handle and work with on your own even if you are not a professional.

Transforming your site into an eCommerce haven is a great way to bring in more clients and to really increase revenue for yourself. When you have a WordPress theme to your site, be aware that there are many plugins out there that you can download to transform your site into an online shopping experience for just about anyone who comes by for a visit. You will find that by doing this, you can have the business you have always dreamed of running right from your own home.

Block Blog Hacking

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Hacking is a big concern for users of WordPress. However, the danger is not present due to weaknesses of the core programming that has made WordPress the product that is loved by so many people today. It is weak passwords and outdated plug-ins that are among the top reasons for security breaches in most cases. Whether you have known people who fell victim to hacking or become a victim yourself, the experience can be quite traumatizing and often feel like a personal attack. Maintaining your IT security when working with WordPress demands exploring the best possible options for security plug-ins that can dramatically increase the protection that you have in place for your content. Below, you will find the latest and greatest security options that are designed to ease your security worries.


Google Authenticator raises the stakes when it comes to password protection for your content. A single password only offers so much protection regardless of just how it good it may seem. Google offers a solution by presenting a two-factor authentication system that can be applied to the log-in process. The primary authentication system is still in place. In addition to this safeguard, you will also be required to provide your Google authentication information as well before you are granted access to the site. The outstanding part of the system is that your Google information changes every time that you access the site. When prompted for your Google authentication, the App that comes with the plug-in presents you with a series of random numbers on your smartphone that acts as your password. This method of security is nearly impossible for hackers to breach.

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