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WPSalesGraphic WordPress Plugin


WPSalesGraphic plugin allows you to quickly and easily create high impact graphics to use inside your blog posts and pages to improve conversions with impact. Enhance affiliate promotions, your own sales pages or just jazz-up your regular WordPress blog posts to engage readers and improve visitor retention. Simple to use with live preview this plugin allows you to turn your WordPress blog into a fully functional sales and lead generation tool with power packed performance! See full details and video demonstration.

How to Publish WordPress Posts on Linkedin Automatically

Linkedin is a powerful social media platform. You can use this platform to promote your WordPress posts and drive more traffic to your site. But you may find it a bit difficult to update your LinkedIn profile every time you publish a post on your WordPress site. There is a better solution to this problem. You can automate the process of updating your WordPress posts to your LinkedIn profile.

You can Auto-publish your WordPress posts on Linkedin by two ways :

  1. Using IFTTT
  2. Using a Plugin

Both of these methods will enable you to publish your WordPress posts automatically on your LinkedIn profile. Let us see how you can do this:

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Five Power Tools to scout out Broken Links On Your WordPress Site

Bad links: Find em, squash em!

Everybody dreads it. It’s a nightmare. It’s a bad experience for your site visitors.

Google certainly does not. It recommends checking your website for broken links and improper content regularly. Manual checking would prove cumbersome leading us to come up with a few aces up our sleeve to deploy. These are the tools which can help:

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is a free Windows app that scans entire sites for broken links. Add in the URL and we are done for the day.

It runs an exhaustive scan which prowls for broken links, frames, images, stylesheets, scripts and backgrounds.

It has other uses beyond being just a scanner. Xenu can aid in helping you weed out duplicate content, page depth and so forth which makes it quite an arsenal.

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Fast Loading WordPress Site: Discover The Why and How Of It

If your WordPress site takes too much time to load, then you might lose a lot of potential customers. That’s because users are unforgiving whenever it comes to slow loading websites, and will most likely abandon your site before taking any desired action – be it making a purchase, signing up your newsletter, or any other action. In fact, there is a greater likelihood that your customers won’t return to your site, which is not good for your brand reputation.

In short, you will likely fail to achieve valuable conversions in case your website runs slowly.

Have your ever wondered the difference slow speed of your site make? Or have you even analyzed how slow is your site and how you can improve its speed? This post will cover answers to such questions, so as to help you succeed in making your WordPress website speed faster.

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How-To-Guide for Managing WordPress Auto Updates

WordPress has a feature built in that automatically updates or replaces outdated or deprecated code and files in WordPress core without user permission.

While this feature is great for security purposes, version upgrades can sometimes cause compatibility issues and resulting breakages that could result in hours (and/or dollars) lost from downtime. No one wants that.

In this post, I will show you how you can enable/disable various WordPress Auto Updates to suit your needs without using a plugin (which, again, may cause its own issues with site configuration).

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Accessing WordPress Hyperlinks In a Systematic Way

Working with WordPress External Link Targeting Process

If you are working with offsite WordPress CMS tool and you prefer to open links in a new tab or on a new window, then you should follow a proper access method to insert hyperlinks that usually requires for users to follow two step:-

Typing the text to link your website to another site.

Highlighting your selected text and clicking on the hyperlink button of your WordPress editor section that is available in WordPress CMS tool to allow user to create external hyperlinks by targeting numerous of WordPress website.

Next it is recommended to have a thorough check on the box that straight away render users to access the section “Open link in a new window/tab”.

At the time of clicking on the hyperlink in the WordPress content, it will further take you to new window or tab by displaying your content section open in the previous location.

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WordPress Post Formats- Best feature for encouraging maximum blogging

Considering the sky-rocketing success of social media, it is hard to imagine web content losing its significance in the forthcoming years. Nowadays, blogs have become one of the most popular tools for expressing and sharing ideas with the world. Powering your blogging site with WordPress CMS can turn to be the safest and most fulfilling business investment. Unlike various other blogging platforms, WordPress comes with amazing features that encourage shorter and more frequent blogging for your site. One such WordPress feature that has played a pivotal role in enhancing blogging for a WordPress site is Post Formats. Although a highly under-utilized feature, Post Formats has been under debate since a very long duration of time. In this blog, I’ll be throwing some more light on this WordPress feature. By the end of this post, you’ll definitely gain a complete insight on Post formats and what good they do to all bloggers.

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