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Click And Call Pro WordPress Plugin

click and call pro plugin

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Making Images Load Faster On WordPress

It’s widely understood in the WordPress community that including images on your posts and pages increases their attractiveness to users. It’s been demonstrated that blog posts with relevant images can garner over 90% more total views than those without. So, if you’re blogging you should be using images.

However, the large images that tend to have the most impact also bring a cost in load times. All other things being equal, faster loading pages do better in the SERPs and produce a lower bounce rate than pages that force visitors to wait. Ideally, a page should load in less than 2 seconds. Bandwidth intensive pages also do poorly with mobile users who tend to have limits on how much they can download because of both bandwidth caps and slow connections. Your beautiful image-heavy page can improve user experience on the desktop while at the same time degrading it for mobile users.

We need to strike a happy medium between beautiful imagery and quick-loading pages, so, we’re going to have a look at what you can do to make sure your images aren’t slowing down your site any more than is absolutely necessary.

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Who Said WordPress Can’t Compete With Million Dollar Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise content management system manages the content within the organizations website. It can be defined as a set of tools and methods that allow an enterprise to collect, organize, preserve and deliver the information crucial to its operations. Enterprise CMS improves the effectiveness and efficiency of information flow in a business and make information sharing much easier. These enterprise content management systems are often multi-million dollar initiatives mainly because of their undeniable benefits offered at huge prices. One can definitely not avail these benefits without burning a hole in their pocket.

But do these enterprises actually need to spend a million dollars on their CMSes when what the business really needs to do is share documents easily among teams and automate document intensive manual processes as well as collaborate internally and externally with partners, customers, vendors and others. With the exploding content industry and the growing business requirement of reducing overheads, WordPress is a clear, secure and trusted solution. It is free and can be easily installed with minimal effort allowing site owners to build a website without extensive technological know-how.

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New Ways to Use WordPress

Many website owners use WordPress to help them organize and post their content online. WordPress was originally created as a tool for blogs, giving users the ability to post blog entries and receive comments from their visitors. However, WordPress can do more than just power a blog. Read ahead for some creative ways you can use WordPress for your own website.

1. Recipe Management – If you love to create your own recipes, consider using WordPress to organize your favorite dishes. With the robust category and tag system, you can organize your content by ingredient, difficulty and other elements. One a single page, for example, you can let visitors easily browse all of the recipes that use chicken. Additionally, people can take advantage of the native commenting system to ask you questions about your recipes.

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Having The Latest Version of WordPress Is Very Important; Just Ask Reuters

Reuters, a highly respected news agency based in London, recently had their blogging platform compromised. This resulted in false stories posted on their website, including a made-up interview with a Syrian rebel leader. Adding insult to injury, Reuters was attacked again just a few days later, and this time hackers got control of their Twitter account, posting more dubious stories about how the U.S. supports Al Qaeda and that Obama ceased funding to 9/11 investigations.

How did this happen?

It is widely suspected that hackers were able to exploit weaknesses in the widely-used WordPress blogging platform. These weaknesses have been patched, but Reuters simply failed to update to the latest version of the software, using 3.1.1 instead of the 3.4.1, and this mistake purportedly brought down their entire website. 3.1.1 is well-known for having security issues and WordPress insisted that everyone update immediately once patches had been developed.

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5 Mobile Apps to Manage Your WordPress Site

Considering the Internet’s short life cycle, it’s a testament to the quality of WordPress and their ability to adapt that it is still the best blogging platform. With WordPress, just about anyone can have a blog featuring cats, wearing funny hats, up and running in time.

Sometimes inspiration strikes or inappropriate comments need to be moderated when you are away from your computer. Fortunately, there are plenty of great mobile applications that allow you to manage your WordPress site while you are on the move.

Here are five of the best applications to manage your WordPress on your phone:

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Why Shopping Comparison Sites Fail

Review sites, also known as shopping comparison sites, are a golden mine because all the affiliate products you sell there usually come with hefty commissions. However, despite their huge potential shopping comparison sites frequently fail.

When they do have such an enormous money making potential, why does this happen?

Here are some common reasons:

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