Is the future of Social networking in the Video Chat Community?

Social Networking has become a great way to catch up with old friend, get in touch with people from your past, or simply just keep in touch with your family and friends. You can easily share all of your photos instantly, give all of your network moment by moment updates on what is happening in your daily life, or enjoy some of your favorite online games. The Social Networks are now realizing that video chatting has poised itself to be the next fad, and they are interested in updating their sites with video chat capabilities.

Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms have always been a major draw for online users. They find that it is a great place to meet new people and enjoy conversing with them on a large variety of topics. It is a great way to have access to a large group of people that you can sort into categories that you may have a shared interest in discussing. Most chat rooms have a centralized focus, while others may even provide a discussion topic. Social Networks are planning on taking all of the benefits of chat rooms and combining them with all of the things that people love about social networking.


How to Successfully Add Automation to Your Social Media Accounts

There are people who believe that business through social media is a waste of time, while others agree to the fact that social media for business is an effective and cheaper means of interacting with customers and individuals around the globe. But if some business stays active on social web, it has to spend lot of time on the social web. However there are many tools on the market that help business personnel to make an active web presence and spread their businesses.

If you use social media networks for businesses then using a tool to manage social media networks will be of great help as it not only saves time but also it helps you be at the top of profile. With such tools and resources you can directly covey your messages to all your users out there. Tools include HootSuite allows you to manage several media profiles at the same time. In fact if you have a joint business, you can work with it with two users running these accounts.


How to Connect Your WordPress Blog to Social Media

We all know how important social media is to the traffic on our blogs. Since WordPress is the world’s most widely used blogging platform, it is very important to gain as much exposure to your blog as is possible. You can do that by connecting your WordPress blog to your social media outlets. Thankfully, WordPress has made it very easy to connect your blog to social media outlets of many kinds. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo!, and Tumblr can all be connected to your blog in just a few simple steps. Here are the directions on how to connect your blog with these social media sites:


Twitter is a great medium for posting new updates of your blog. The post title and a link can automatically be tweeted for you once you connect Twitter to your WordPress blog. That is so much easier than having to go sign into Twitter, create a shorted URL and then create your own tweet. Another additional element that WordPress offers is adding a Twitter feed to your blog. This is a great way to tie together the social media outlet with your blog in an easy way that all your readers can immediately see and use. Thankfully, this additional advantage will only take a few steps to complete.


New Facebook Policy Changes For Social Networking Managers

As a social networking manager, it would be nice if all the updates post on your Facebook page were seen by 100% of your fans. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Back in February, the social  giant revealed that on average, an update posted from a brand page is only seen by roughly 16% of its fans. This information is important for the simple fact that it gives you a very good idea of just how far your marketing content is penetrating through the network.

Facebook recently launched a new feature to give brands an even better idea of how many fans the content from their brand page is reaching. Certain social networking managers now have the ability to view metrics on select updates right from the timeline. This new feature provides insight into the percentage of fans a given post reaches, as well as the percentage of users who saw content due to a paid advertising campaign. The ability to view activity in both areas is a huge plus for managers sharing organic and sponsored content on Facebook.


Pinterest For Business: Doing It The Right Way

Pinterest is a photo sharing website that brings people of like interests together by tapping on their visual appeals. The saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is practically the concept behind Pinterest; people see, make judgments and take action based on their interpretation of an image. While it may seem that Pinterest is just for crafts and those that enjoy scrapebooking, it is absolutely more than that. And just like every other social media site, it plays a major role in business branding and lead generation. However, unlike them, Pinterest harnesses one of the vital powers to humanity; the power of vision.

How Does This Work For Business?

Do you remember those periods when you stopped abruptly on a webpage or book page due to a caption image? It could be a snapshot of a natural disaster, a crowd in a seminar, slim body structure, a latest car model or perhaps that of a celeb. But the point is you stopped for a while; glancing through the picture and perhaps reading down some lines to find what the message might be. If those images were to be replaced by some tiny texts, you may never have noticed them. That is just the simple truth and it happens to all of us… yes, minus you, if you think it hasn’t. On the other hand, if those images were to be an image from your blog, money making website or perhaps something about your business, can you imagine how many eyes will get to you or your business through that four-cornered graphics?


5 Ways to Increase Your Google+ Followers

1. Don’t be afraid to +1

The +1 button is very similar to the like button from Facebook. The biggest difference pertaining to this button is you don’t +1 a business page on Google+, you instead add it to circles just as you would a personal profile. When you +1 someone’s posts or comments it shows your appreciation and your personal seal of approval. Many websites and blogs are including a +1 button with their content allowing you to tell Google that you’ve found important or relevant information. With recent changes to Google search, content you’ve +1’d can show up in your friends search results. How does this help you increase Google+ followers? It’s simple, you’ve just earned some gratitude. Your +1 essentially helped the original author with social media marketing and SEO at the same time, with one click. Not all Google+ members realize this, but the ones that do will be happy to add you to their circles in appreciation.