Friendlier Facebook Page: a Great Social Media Strategy

Many companies many not realize the tremendous amount of traffic they receive on their Facebook pages. How they address their customers can make all the difference. Below are 7 simple steps to a friendlier Facebook page.

1. Change your Language

You undoubtedly have (or will have) customers from all over the country and world in such a globalized economy. Although many people speak English, you may have customers who aren’t fluent or who do not speak it at all. You can make your posts appear in several languages by clicking the public icon. You can also change the language based on location.


Marketing with Social Media and Video

Every successful marketing campaign in the twenty first century must in some way take into account social media. And with the new breed of social media tools available today, video plays a very significant role in connecting with customers and finding new leads for your business.

The biggest social media sites on the web today include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Of these big three social media portals, LinkedIn is geared primarily toward the professional business community. The community that uses LinkedIn is typically concerned with the business world and interests that are specific to that context. Many users’ profiles are essentially geared to be their resumes or business service pitches. The goal is to connect with other professionals in similar topical social networks that can lead to new peer relationships, employee or employer relationships, or business partner relationships. The key to taking full advantage of the marketing opportunities in this space starts with your profile. Building a killer LinkedIn profile is critical to getting serious business contacts. The addition of a small video about yourself or your company helps make a personal connection with potential clients or partners and can be very important to building meaningful contact networks. Discussion groups are also very important to LinkedIn as they help show the community that you are not just trolling for sales, or lurking for marketing demographics, but that you are truly a part of the larger community conversation. Joining existing discussion groups and even creating some of your own discussion groups are great ways to integrate into the LinkedIn community.


Video Marketing Techniques using Social Media Sites

Social media sites are crucial to any online marketing campaign. More and more, users are spending their time accessing the Internet through their favorite social media portals instead of actually leaving those sites to search around on the internet. Back in 2005, we saw the first big shift away from individual site traffic to linked social media traffic. At that time, MySpace became the first social media portal that actually beat Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines fir most hits in a month. Since that time, MySpace has come and gone, but Facebook has grown in popularity and now has over fifty five million users. Not only does Facebook boast of having a great user base, but these users spend nearly an hour every day viewing their friends’ status and upload their own content.

While text and image based marketing campaigns are useful, video chat is the best way to connect with your potential customers and generate very relevant buzz around your company or service. The great thing about social networking sites is that when you post meaningful content, you do not just gain the attention of the one individual you marketed your campaign to, but that individual, if they find the link worthy enough, will forward that link to other people in their social network. These people are typically closely related to your marketing customer and represent a “tribe” of customers you would otherwise have missed. This is why generating interesting, attention worthy content is important for social media marketing campaigns, and video chat can offer the highest level of attention grabbing content.


Social Media Sharing And How It Can Benefit Your Website

Google and other search engines use a mass of different factors to help them determine which sites they should place at the top of their rankings. Recently, the likes of Google and Bing have said that they rely on social indicators as one such ranking factor. This means that websites adopting a social media marketing campaign are able to enjoy improved search rankings and the increase in traffic associated with this.

Social Media Formats

There are many different types of social media sites that you can incorporate into your online marketing mix. You can share content, get involved in discussions, or try to engage with potential leads using apps. You can even interact with your target market through virtual worlds. Whatever your industry and your goals there is almost certainly a number of social media websites that you can use to help improve your marketing.


How to Use an iPod, iPhone, or iPad as a Webcam

One of the nicest things about having all of the portable pieces of technology such as an iPod, iPhone, or an iPad is that you can conduct almost all of the things that you can do on a computer without having to lug around a heavy laptop everywhere that you go. There are a lot of things that you can conduct on portable devices more easily than you can on a desktop or even a laptop computer.


One of the most common ways for a portable device to add capabilities is by downloading software to the device. The software is generally added through applications, and there are several options for all of the different types of software that you could want to install. Some are for gaming, some are for convenience, and some are for communication such as video chatting programs. Skype, Facetime, and many other programs are available as applications for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. There are some of these programs that can only be used to communicate with devices of the same brand while others will allow you to communicate no matter what device or brand.


Using Social Media Marketing Effectively

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are ubiquitous these days on TV, in the media, and on the internet. But should businesses be spending their valuable time using social media? There are many opinions about whether social media is effective in marketing your business; some say it is a waste of time and money but some say it should be a vital component to the marketing strategy of any business. There are truths to both sides, it’s all about how one uses social media that determines their ROI.


Lets first consider Facebook. Facebook ads allow advertisers to select segments of their users that they want to target based on the information they have gathered from them (age, gender, occupation, likes, interests, etc). Since Facebook has a ton of information about their users, it may seem like Facebook provides high quality, targeted ads but the reality is that click-thru-rates of Facebook ads tend to be extremely low (and so do conversions). Earlier this year, General Motors (GM) announced that they will not continue purchasing ads on the social network after spending about $10 million in 2011 due to lack of conversions.