Using guest bloggers is a win-win

This guest post was submitted by Lars Koudal, Publisher of Web 20 Tutorials blog that provides information on all aspects of web building from design to how to maximize your revenue streams.

A not-so-new thing for several blog owners is to use guest bloggers to fill in holes in their own posting schedules, or to expand the areas/niche to which the blog focuses on. Guest blogging is nothing new, but what exactly are the benefits, and is it worth it for both the host blog and the guest blogger?

There are indeed several benefits to both the host-blog and the guest blogger and the combined effect of all elements are great for both blogs on short-term as well as long-term.


Let’s Build A Social Traffic Hurricane

I would like to invite all my readers to take part in building a social revolution … or to be sure take advantage of strategy proven to work. But perhaps you need some convincing?

Well, my friend … you are in luck. I’m about to dedicate a few minutes to convincing you, that is if you need convincing.


Viral Reciprocal Review Carousel – Rebirth

How would you like to take your blog from a Technorati rank 650,000 + to under 12,000 even if your blog is brand new? I know it might sounds like a rather incredible but this is exactly what I was able to accomplish when I have launched original Reciprocal Review Carousel.

In under 1 month my Technorati Authority jumped from 14 to over 300 and rank went through the roof. Why would you care? Because you have a chance to do same. Marco Righter just pinged me and offered to take part in re-birth of Viral Reciprocal Review, he adopted from my original concept.


Howtospoter Ranks Number 1 on Technorati

Today I have decided to check how am I doing with my rankings on Technorati and lo and behold …

Technorati tells me my blog Number 1. Its kind of funny since I know for 100% I’m not even close but it does look good. I guess something I can shoot for 🙂 See image below:


Thanks [tag-tec]technorati[/tag-tec]! You just gave me reason to work harder!

Reciprocal Review Carousel – Some Great Results!

It’s been almost a month since I gave life to Reciprocal Review Carousel and today is as good day as any to give some summaries. But before I even begin I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who already took part in it and to anyone who decides to continue running with it.

[tag-tec]Reciprocal Review Carousel[/tag-tec] idea was born from the basics of building popularity of your blog or site and latest Web 2.0 trends. It only made sense to combine the two and make sure that everyone participating gets to benefit from it. And while results vary – personal performance depend on each participant promotional efforts. Some fared better, some slightly worth but I hope benefited none less.

I would love to hear your story in comments! Share your results and perhaps we will kick off another round of this one!


How Google Sandbox Affects Your Blog Monetization

The following article is my own speculation based on personal research and rejections, so before you decide to take anything for granted – please be advised: I’m only human. I’ll site the sources for some of the info I have used and you make up your own mind … I’ll start with a statement and then attempt to prove it.

Google Sandbox has direct impact on your blog monetization efforts.

Have YOUR blog been rejected from some of the major monetization sites, such as,, Then read on, perhaps I will shed some light on as to why …