How to Write Effective Newsletters – A Quick Guide

Drafting an effective newsletter is a very important practice that is imperative to master. The reason for this is that in many cases, it is the first impression that a prospective customer has for your business. Thus, it is imperative that you understand the art of writing a valuable newsletter in order to ensure that you have the highest potential success rate with both your current and future clients. Here is a quick guide on how to write an effective newsletter:


How to Use Tumblr to Promote Your Blog

Tumblr may not be quite as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but it can be a fabulous platform for promoting blogs. This is especially true if the blogs being promoted happen to offer quality images. Many companies are finding that Tumblr is an excellent extension of main websites and other social media networking sites.

Tumblr offers much more than just a place to post high-resolution images; it also has a built-in community that shares content. The concept of reblogging and how it is used at this platform is somewhat unique to Tumblr. The truth is, Tumblr offers many of the best features offered at other social media sites all at one place.

About Reblogging

The concept of reblogging at Tumblr is actually very similar to hitting the “Share” button on Facebook or “Retweet” on Twitter. The difference is that Tumblr started the whole re-sharing idea. On Tumblr, reblogging works like this: The original post excerpt, which includes a link and username and optional comments, is reblogged by another Tumblr user.


A Good Online Reputation Is Important

Building a good online reputation is extremely important for those who run a business. This includes gaining a good reputation with the search engines and a good reputation with customers. The problem is that companies and businesses cannot control what others say about them so they need to find ways to control the information that shows in search results first.

Why Have a Reputation

The first question many ask is why a reputation online is necessary. Those who have no trail on the internet will miss out considerably. They will lose customers or clients and will struggle with business. This is because so many people are now using the internet for searches and purchases, whether they need a job or want to find the perfect gift.


Tips to Speed Up Your Website Load Time

Every site or a blog owner knows how important website loading time is. Even the search engine algorithm considers the load time of a website. It says that fast loading site, gets higher ranking. Secondly the visitors like a website which runs or loads fast. It gives them a better surfing experience. Users leave a website in seconds which takes long to load, which lead to higher bounce rate.

How to Test Your Website’s Speed

Before proceeding to tips, first let’s check that whether your website needs them or not. Means know how to test your websites speed. There are many online tools or sites available to measures yours site loading time. But here I am going to share two of the best ones.


How to Double Traffic for Your Small Business Site

The success of your website depends on the amount of traffic that the site gets. However, this is not an easy task to accomplish because there are so many websites that cater to the same niches that your website does. So, if you want to increase your traffic, you need to think of some smart ways and implement them effectively. There are two important considerations here. Firstly, the means you adopt should be effective and secondly, they should get you quick results. Below given are a few tips that can help you in this regard.

Get hold of affiliates

Get connected with some affiliate websites that enjoy a good patronage. The beauty of this process is that you either do not have to make much investment or make no investment at all. You only have to pay the affiliate if they give you successful customers. In any case, people who come to the affiliate website to buy a product like yours will definitely look at the options available in that page. So, your traffic doubles, triples and quadruples very quickly.


10 Clever Offline Tactics for Online Traffic

Marketing your online business can be a very time consuming and drawn out process. Most of us get so consumed with our online social media sites, article marketing, etc., we forget there is a whole offline world to which we can market our products and services.

There are many ways you can effectively market your online business to the offline world. Some strategies will require more aggression and work but will produce results. Making the transition from online to offline marketing can sometimes be difficult and outside our comfort zone, but to succeed with your business you need to expand. Start with one or two of the ideas below and as you make progress start increasing your marketing arsenal.