4 SEO Tips for 2017

The start of the year is the best time to assess the SEO strategy you have. There are certain points that you need to consider as they severely affect your rankings. These points will help you find and fix any problems before they become a problem in 2017.

Facilitate A Good User Experience

The user experience is vital to good SEO as the search engines consider this and it helps to lower your overall bounce rate. There are certain points of the experience that you need to consider. The first is the browser compatibility of your website.


8 Content Marketing Predictions by Experts You Need To Be Aware Of This 2017

article marketingContent marketing strategy is one major strategy that is used by almost all the marketers in India even today. With more than 70% of the marketers investing in content marketing this number is expected to grow in the upcoming years. This leaves as with no choice but to know and adapt the hottest content marketing predictions in 2017. People even today have been talking about content marketing in general. But what are its specific impacts that it may continue to have in 2017. Given below are the top 10 content marketing predictions you need to be aware of this 2017.


How to Use SEO to Incredibly Increase Your Marketing

Search Engine OptimizationThe 21st century is a beautiful time to live in. This is the time of the internet. The world is moving fast to this digital age. This is the place where the world will take its businesses. As a business person, are you moving with the world to this exciting time in history or are you waiting to go down the drain?

You might have embraced the marketing of your content online. Have you ever asked yourself why you still don’t get as much as consumers compared to the marketing effort you put? Well, you have to do a bit of magic to survive in the internet.

As such, you have to embrace search engine optimization. SEO is the process of obtaining large numbers of users of the internet to your site from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines. It is a great marketing strategy for businesses. Your competitors are working day and night to ensure the success of their SEO marketing strategy. Your business is no exception.


How Does GooglebotCrawl JavaScript? Here’s What a Latest Test Revealed

When a group of brilliant minds from Merkle set out to test the ability of Google to crawl and index JavaScript functions, little did they know about the surprise that awaited them!A series of tests ran by the team proved that Google is fully capable of executing and indexing JS functions. Google is also equipped enough to render whole pages and read the DOM to index dynamically generated content.

For those of you who are still swooning from the news. Let’s break this down, step by step.

We always knew (at least since 2008) that Google was capable of crawling JavaScript. Back in the day, the access may have been limited. Today, Google can not only crawl and index the same kind of JS, but it can also render entire WebPages, and Google has been doing this for the last 12 months at least.


Six Free SEO Tools That Every Business Should Use

Your Internet Reputation Could Be Scaring Off Readers - WordPress Howto Spoter Pic 1In the contemporary business environment where every business has to fight on a daily basis to improve its search engine result visibility, it becomes imperative for it to use a number of tools to monitor and analyze its performance on the web. While there are obviously expensive analysts and tools available that can do a good job, every small business should first use some of the very handy free SEO tools to save a good deal of money. Some of the top free tools:


4 Basic Approaches Of Enhancing SEO On Your Business’ Social Media Platforms

Your Internet Reputation Could Be Scaring Off Readers - WordPress Howto Spoter Pic 2Social media is no longer just a platform for interaction; it has fast become a business tool, especially in marketing for small businesses. The platforms provide an inexpensive marketing channel where businesses are able to push their products to their social links and followers, and get instant feedback from their customers and target market, and tweak the products to further meet their needs.

However, optimizing your social media profiles is not just about having a presence, but there are some basic principles to be observed in order to achieve search engine optimization. These are;

  • Choose a befitting name

Note that “your name is indeed your brand”. The name you choose will be the name that you will be known by on the social platforms. The first name that you use is also the main name that Google will identify you with and the name that the profile will be ranked with.  With this in mind then, you are able to avoid repetitive or generic keywords as these may be viewed as spam and ward off potential clients.