5 Stats Tracking Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

My blog stats for the past year
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Ladies and Gentleman, today you life and your blogging habits, as you know them will change forever! And not necessary to the best as I’m about to show you how to get MORE information about your blog, how your visitors interact with your content and where they are coming from than most bloggers need to know!

In Fact – Stats Tracking is One Of The Most Addictive And Time Wasting Activities You, As A Blogger Can Participate In!

I highly recommend you stop reading RIGHT NOW and don’t click that “Read More..” link to save your sanity and time!


Guest Blogger Plugin For Your WordPress Blog

Love Blogging but need a vacation? Perhaps your blog hasn’t become the *HOTTEST* spot on the net with hundreds of bloggers begging to allow them submit content to it? Or perhaps you are just suffering from brain freeze and need a bit of time to re-evaluate your options all the while making sure you don’t lose your readers?

  • What Do You Do?
  • How Do You Find Quality Content For Your Blog?

Obviously you can use an option provided to you by WordPress to schedule a bunch of posts for the future publishing, you can get some PLR content and re-write it, you can hire someone to create content for you or…


WPAffiliate As A Bloggers Weapon For Higher Profits

Guest post by a pro-blogger and WordPress plugin author Nicola Jankovic:

Wordpress Affiliate ClickBank PluginI’ve used a lot of different affiliate marketing methods and find one of them to be the most effective.

Article marketing is cool, except the article directory gets to keep all the ad revenue and they are getting more particular about what articles they accept.

Review sites are OK, but does anyone really trust the reviews they read on those sites anymore? Most people know by now that review sites are just disguised sales pitches and aren’t honest reviews.


Link Building Software For Bloggers

Links building software will always be in demand for as long as number of incoming links will continue to determine the ranking of your site and individual pages. While your blog permits you to build incoming links a more natural way – who wouldn’t like a little bit of automation? Huh?

Today I want to share a link building plugin I have learned about by reading Jack Humphrey’s post on WordPress Plugins for SEO and Link Building. I was wondering for a quite a bit what he was using to present Related Websites on his blog posts and now I got to experiment with that plugin myself. While the jury is still out on its usefulness – it seem to have a good promise…


Portable Comments and Reputation? SezWho?


I have been using SezWho universal profile service on my WordPress blog for a while now and I love the options they provide. Well, as everything else develops – these guys just came out with KILLER enhancements. I know that with announcement of Automattic acquiring Intense Debate it might be a choice you need to make yourself later but I love the options SezWho provides!


KeywordLuv Plugin Is Gone

KeywordLuv is very useful plugin for your WordPress blog and for the longest time I have been using it to share link love to the commenters on my blog. I appreciate each and every one who took advantage of the feature and contributed to the content on my blog!

And yes, valid comments I consider a valuable content and love rewarding people for it! Link love is one of the easiest ways to reward.