9 Free SEO WordPress Plugins and Web Tools for Beginners

wordpressThe search engines are a primary source of traffic for most websites. Once website owners become aware of that fact, they find themselves wondering “which is the best SEO plugin for WordPress?”

Yes, as a content management system (CMS), WordPress by default is SEO-friendly. But there are several free plugins and tools that can not only improve your SEO rankings but help you increase your website’s traffic size as well. Improving your SEO efforts will help take your website to the next level.

Here are 9 of the best free SEO plugins:


4 Important Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

When you’re setting up a WordPress blog, there are a number of crucial plugins to install, particularly if you have any intention of ranking well in the search engines. In this article, we’ll cover four plugins that every WordPress webmaster (and SEO) should think about installing right from the word “go.”

(1) Google XML sitemaps – A common issue for webmasters is not getting their pages indexed in the search engines. Indeed, the problem stems initially from not getting those pages crawled in the first place. If your webpages aren’t
crawled and indexed, then you can forget about ranking. Google XML sitemaps takes care of a lot of the work for you. Once installed and activated, it will create a site map that helps Googlebot find, crawl and ultimately index all the pages on your domain. This is obviously a crucial step in your SEO campaign


Improve WordPress Website Conversions Using Widgets

Website conversions to your most desired goal is not talked about as much as website traffic and yet – I think it is highly important although sometimes more difficult for WordPress based sites. In this post I want to present couple plugins that allow you to present custom content based on which page, category, post your visitor is viewing using couple widgets.

website conversions

Formula to getting more leads, customers is fairly simple and hasn’t changed since the web invented:

  • Properly designed and optimized site
  • Quality content that provides answers or solutions to your targeted niche
  • Quality traffic through whatever sources you choose to implement
  • Conversion of resulting visitors into repeat visitors / leads / customers

That s it! I don’t believe there is any need to overly complicate the process but getting it right is extremely important for success of your site or blog. Now, lets assume you got the first 3 parts of the equation right and concentrate on the last one – WordPress website conversions of visitors into subscriber and / or customers using a very simple strategy – presenting RELEVANT offers while they are viewing your blog.


Why I Switched To Intense Debate Plugin

Go to IntenseDebateLast Tuesday, after careful evaluation and weighing in Pros VS Cons I have decided to add Intense Debate WordPress plugin to my blog and in this post I want to outline what lead to this decision and why you might want to consider doing same.

There is at least couple negative impacts I have already noticed and before you make the decision to switch – you might want to read about my discoveries and reasons.


WordPress Backup Plugins I Recommend

wordpress security logoWordPress backup plugin should be part of each and every blog install to ensure successful disaster recovery. In fact I consider WordPress database backup as well as unique files to be absolutely crucial part and it is the last part of concept I have pioneered and explained in “Triple ‘P’ of Total WordPress Security

But with multitude of options available – What WordPress backup plugin should you use? Which one will be the best option for you?

In this post I want to go over couple plugins I have personally use successfully and will show you How To Backup WordPress automatically and ensure you can recover your blog IF disaster strikes and your blog becomes a victim of a hack.


Outbrain Widget

Outbrain widget

You have a well-established blog with more than a hundred articles. Your recent publications are always hyped. But what happens with them after a few months pass and they become part of your archives? Are your readers able to find them?

This issue has been critical for many sites that publish reviews or articles that don’t necessarily have a crucial time span. The two fundamental solutions are to either make your archives attractive (which in itself are a challenging task) or draw attention to the content in your archives that is related to the newest articles.  This is where the concepts of related posts becomes important. Thankfully there are several plugins for WordPress that can help you interlink articles in your blog (which as an added benefit is good search engine optimization as well).